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Is this the data that declares Spain the No. 10 “Amber Plus” list?

Covid positive rate of returning travelers Spain Official data that ministers can use to slap holiday hotspots with stricter quarantine rules has nearly tripled since the end of June.

In the first three weeks of July, more than 70,000 people jumped from Spain to the United Kingdom, of which 2,065 were positive. This is a 2.9% percentage. For comparison, this figure was only 0.9% throughout June.

latest NHS Test and trace statistics have been sent to No10, saying Whitehall insiders are already considering imposing stricter rules on Spain.

The government is set to update that Dozens more destinations are expected to be on the green and amber list next week’s travel quarantine list.

However, if the government decides to press the panic button in the face of a surge in Spanish tourists, the country could be put in amber plus brackets. Fully vaccinated.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab warned today that Spain has no “cast iron guarantee” to keep vaccinated British people free of quarantine.

Currently, France is the only country on the amber plus list, but there was a question as to which minister used it to reach that “incomprehensible” decision.

The government has warned that a “beta” variant will exist permanently to justify the move. And Mr. Rab today admitted that France has fallen into a more stringent category due to higher fares on Reunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, 6,000 miles (9,600 km) from Paris.

Mutants are even more predominant in Spain, where infection rates are high. Health officials say they are “very scared” about the situation in Spain, which has emerged in South Africa and is believed to be more resistant to the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been given to millions of people in the United Kingdom. It is said.

The percentage of infected travelers returning from Spain is 2.9%, up from 0.6% three weeks ago. However, the positive rate for travelers is high from 11 other countries, with 11.1 percent of people coming to the UK from Jersey infected with the virus.However, the maximum number of infected people came from Spain (2,065)-four times that of Greece, the second highest country.

The positive rate for people coming from Spain to the UK has skyrocketed to 2.9% in the last three weeks.Group infection rates have been between 0.6 and 1 percent since February

The positive rate for people coming from Spain to the UK has skyrocketed to 2.9% in the last three weeks.Group infection rates have been between 0.6 and 1 percent since February

What are the rules for those returning to the UK from abroad?

Amber list

  • Take the Covid-19 test 3 days before arriving in the UK
  • Book and pay for the Covid-19 test on Day 2 – Take the exam after arriving in the UK
  • Fill out the Passenger Locator Form if you have been quarantined at home or where you have been staying for 10 days and have not been fully vaccinated or have been to France.
  • If you are vaccinated, you do not need to be quarantined in the UK, but you will need to be tested before returning to the UK and another test the second day after your return.

All arrivals returning from the countries on the amber list must undergo a private PCR or immunochromatographic test before arriving in the United Kingdom, three days before the service arriving in the United Kingdom departs.

For example, if you travel to the UK on Friday, you should be able to take the test after Tuesday and have negative results available before boarding on Friday.

Before arriving in the UK, you must book and pay for a Covid-19 test on the second day of your arrival in the UK.

Those who have not been vaccinated or who have stayed in France for the past 10 days will also need to book and pay for the test after the 8th day.

As long as you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to be quarantined upon arrival in the UK or have a Covid-19 test on day 8. This means that you have obtained the final dose of the approved vaccine at least 14 days before your arrival in the UK.

However, the Test to Release scheme allows you to choose to pay for the private Covid-19 test on day 5. If the result is negative (and the test result on day 2 is negative or non-conclusive), you can terminate the quarantine.

Red list

  • You can only enter the UK if you are a UK or Irish citizen or have a residence right in the UK.
  • Take the Covid-19 test 3 days before arriving in the UK
  • Book and fill out a quarantine hotel package that includes two Covid-19 tests Passenger locator form

If you have been in a Red Listed country or region for the last 10 days, you will only be admitted to the UK if you are a UK or Irish citizen or have a residence right in the UK. ..

You must also take the Covid-19 test for 3 days before arriving and booking at the Quarantine Hotel.

One adult for 10 days (11 nights) in a room costs £ 1,750, one adult (or children over 11 years old) costs £ 650, and children ages 5-11 are £ 325.

You will also need to take two Covid-19 tests while in the quarantine hotel.

Green list

  • Take the Covid-19 test 3 days before arriving in the UK
  • Book and pay for the Covid-19 test on the second day after arriving in the UK
  • Fill out the Passenger Locator Form

Before arriving in the UK, you must take the private PCR or immunochromatography 3 days before the service arriving in the UK departs.

You cannot take the NHS test abroad and use it yourself before returning to Japan. If you return to the UK within 3 days, you can use the results of the Covid-19 test done in the UK before your trip, but this must come from a private test provider, not the NHS.

With the aim of resuming this summer’s pandemic vacation, the minister adopted a traffic light travel policy saying it was time to take advantage of being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. Did.

The decision as to which country appears on which list is made by the Minister based on the advice provided by the Joint Biosecurity Center, which is part of the UK Health Security Agency.

The list is reviewed every three weeks, but it is assumed that all countries are amber.

The British have been warned of traveling to Red List countries where outbreaks are rapidly increasing or are being hit hard by nasty variants.

Currently, the amber list has 147 countries, and the green list has only 28 remote destinations, including Iceland and Barbados.

Spain has been on the amber list since foreign holidays were given a green light again when the government relaxed regulations in May.

As a result, the number of people flying from Spain to the United Kingdom almost doubles every few weeks.

However, the proportion of travelers infected with the virus has also increased almost five-fold in recent weeks, from 0.6% from the end of April to mid-May to 2.9% in the first three weeks of July.

Following Spain, the most Covid cases were imported from Greece (344), followed by Portugal (217), France (205), the United States (164) and Italy (147).

However, travelers from Spain do not yet have the highest infection rates in countries on the amber list, with 11.1 percent of those flying from Jersey tested positive.

Fares for travelers from Yemen (8.3%), Uzbekistan (7.9%) and Kyrgyzstan (7.7%) were similarly high, but few fly from these countries.

On the other hand, the positive rate in France is only 0.8% among the arrivals. That percentage has doubled since the end of June, but it’s still only a small part of the Spanish figure.

Another piece of data that adds to the confusion about mobility shows that France currently records 270 cases per million people each day. This is half the percentage found in Spain (551).

However, despite numbers suggesting that Spain’s Covid situation is now worse than France’s, the move to add the country to the amber plus list is lining up within the government.

There are concerns about beta variants, but many experts believe that they are “crowded” by the more toxic delta variants that are now spreading rapidly throughout Spain.

The shocking move to classify France into its own category earlier this month has destroyed thousands of family holidays, as well as plans for many foreigners who want to meet their loved ones for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. Did.

Cases of the Delta subspecies have declined sharply in France in recent weeks, and the minister is confident that it will recover to the same state as other amber list countries. This means that fully vaccinated travelers do not need to be quarantined upon return.

Asked about the possibility of Spain entering the “amber watch list” — it could move directly to the red category — Mr. Rab said: “I dominate the JBC and government decisions. You can’t, but next week they’ll make that decision in terms of traffic light systems in all relevant countries.

“The momentum of progress is positive,” Raab said, with a high percentage of British double-jabbed.

“We did the work we had to do domestically, and we see more countries catch up if you want, so we go with more countries going either amber or green. I think I’m more and more confident, “he said.

“You’ll know next week,” Rab said, seeking advice for potential vacationers.

He suggested that if you need to book immediately, you “must make a reservation based on the signal system currently in place.”

“We can’t give you a cast iron guarantee as to what the next review system will determine, and if so, it wouldn’t be a very meaningful review system,” he added.

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Clement Beaune has accused the decision to maintain quarantine measures for vaccinated travelers coming from France to the United Kingdom, but other EU countries and the United States are exempt.

“It’s overkill and can’t be frankly understood for health reasons … it’s not science-based and not discriminatory against the French,” Beaune told LCI TV.

“I hope it will be reviewed as soon as possible. That’s common sense.”

Beaune said France has no plans for “tit for tat” “for now.”

The government announced yesterday that double-jabbed EU and US people do not need to be isolated when they arrive in the UK from Monday morning. Until then, only fully immunized people in the UK can evade quarantine.

Professor Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick, told MailOnline:

“I think we should take a more cautious approach and not completely reduce the need for travelers to quarantine.

“It is important to recognize that the previous wave of infections in the UK has been fueled by travelers bringing back infections with viral variants.

“There is more evidence that fully vaccinated individuals can re-infect and spread the virus.

“Therefore, we need to monitor the level of infection by different viral variants in different countries and use this information to make decisions about testing and quarantining arrivals in the United Kingdom.”

Is this the data that declares Spain the No. 10 “Amber Plus” list?

SourceIs this the data that declares Spain the No. 10 “Amber Plus” list?

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