Is there another blockade in 2022?

Appearance of Omicron Mutants are causing concern around the world. In particular, it is believed to be highly infectious, suggesting that 32 mutations in pesplomers may be resistant to current vaccines.

Before Christmas, the prime minister Boris Johnson Said No further restrictions will be introduced before the holidaysThe decision that people explained that they could proceed with their plans and allowed him to avoid his repetition Notorious address on December 19, 2020When he reluctantly imposes harsh new measures at the very end and shatters millions of festive hopes.

Since then, the UK has continued to experience very high levels of Covid infection during the festival, with the total number of cases per day in the UK skyrocketing to the pandemic high of 218,724 on January 4. increase. According to the UK Health Security Agency..

Currently, the peak may have begun to gradually decrease, but although the number of cases is still high, it has recently approached the 130,000 mark and has decreased significantly.

Pressure on the NHS remains a major source of concern, but the government’s refusal to stick to guns in the UK and impose further Covid restrictions, especially given that more than 24 trusts have reported. The decision seems to have paid off at this point. “Serious incident” of staff shortage..

In a recent announcement on this issue, Johnson said of the current “Next meansThere are restrictions Maintain a “correct” course of action, Adds: “The progress of the whole country is to keep on the path we are on.

“I’ll leave everything in the review course and review all the measures, but I think the combination of what I’m doing right now is correct.”

The Prime Minister reiterated his hope that Britain would be able to do it “Survive” Assault from Omicron without further action at a press conference from Downing Street the next day.

“Do not exclude anything”

In a video message from Downing Street on December 21, Johnson said the holiday season could continue unchecked, saying: Based on the data, we will do whatever it takes to protect public health. “

He said the minister is monitoring the data “on an hourly basis” and the debate for further action is “very, very finely balanced.”

“Unfortunately, we have to tell people that we must reserve the possibility of taking further action to protect the public, protect public health and protect the NHS,” he added. rice field.

“We are considering all sorts of things to put Omicron under control and do not exclude anything.”

It is understood that the Prime Minister was waiting for more data on the variant to be available before he made the decision. Accusation for “dithering” By a scientist and his political opponents.

In contrast, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan When he was decisive Declared a serious incident Over the scope of the outbreak in the capital on December 18, NHS England has announced a return to the highest level of emergency preparedness, the Level 4 National Incident. This is the response of medical services, but the trust of individuals.

Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Valence It is said to have led to the need for new measures to reduce infection rates and ease pressure on the NHS, but so far without data to further endanger the economy and justify it. It has been resisted by senior ministers who dislike limiting personal freedom.

Sir Patrick’s fellow advisers are as straightforward as Professor Stephen Reicher, a member of the government. Scientific advisory group for emergencies (Sage), Omicron warns that “it’s coming to us like an express train,” and argues that the government must give the public a “good and clear message” about “how serious the crisis is.”

Plan C?

Expected introduction of circuit breaker for 2 weeks Blockade Upset-and Widely popular In public-the minister has plans available for consideration, apparently prohibiting meeting others indoors except for work purposes, and limiting pubs and restaurants to outdoor services only. include.

However, it is clear that the Prime Minister, along with the recently introduced partial “Plan B” restrictions, wants the intake of booster vaccines to be sufficient to forego the threat.

As part of these measures, the British are now again Wear a face mask Shops, cinemas, theaters, places of worship, public transport, work remotely Please order if possible.

The government has further revised its approach to vaccine booster jab, making it available to everyone over the age of 18, halving the time for second and third injections from six months to three, and feared. I hope to stop the “tsunami”. The number of infectious diseases we are already starting to see.

According to official data, about 35.9 million people have received booster jabs so far.

Some kind of “Plan C” If Omicron begins to seriously disrupt the NHS, circuit breakers, or stricter restrictions, may be needed, but there is clearly little political desire for a fourth national blockade.

However, Sage’s adviser, along with influential professor Niall Ferguson of Imperial College London, remains clear in demanding a tighter curb. Openly entertain the possibilities several weeks.

Overall picture

Many British are already staring anxiously towards the continent as Austria and the Netherlands reintroduced the blockade in response to the Covid-19 surge, even before Omicron began to cast an ominous shadow around the world. I did.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that it was “extremely worried” about its spread in Europe. An additional 700,000 deaths could be recorded by March Unless urgent action is taken, the total number of people will be 2.2 million since the pandemic began.

Omicron variants show how “dangerous” Covid situations are, WHO says.

Prior to the development of the latest concerns caused by the latest variants, Mr Johnson’s government was very reluctant to impose limits, despite the consistently high number of cases.

Vaccines have consistently kept mortality low since spring, but infection levels have remained consistently high, usually above 40,000 per day, but more than double these days.

Johnson is also concerned that Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and Croatia will have outbreaks of opposition to the blockade (some violent) and further restrictions could lead to social turmoil. There may be.

Londoners were certainly dissatisfied with the first return of Maskman Date. Blame the hypocritical prime minister Because he refused to wear himself with some public involvement.

But in other quarters, at least according to polls, even before Omicron, there seemed to be a clear desire for new restrictions.

According to a Savanta ComRes survey, 45% of adults Support selective blockade Only for those who have refused to obtain Covid Jab and may pose an ongoing risk to others.

But until Omicron introduced a new spanner into his work, there were credible cases in which Britain believed it was in a strong position to avoid the looting of the worst outbreaks across Europe.

Infection rates in the UK have remained high for several months, but until recently they have been very stable, averaging about 600 cases per million per million for seven days. Austria and the Netherlands, on the other hand, have surged from wells to 1,500 and 1,250, respectively. Below its starting point from the beginning of October.

Part of the reason for this is that the UK has been hit by more infectious variants of alpha and delta. coronavirus We were able to work on them faster, and therefore ahead of our European neighbors, and unlock them sooner.

Is there another blockade in 2022?

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