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Is the release of the blockade on June 21 delayed?

The last coronavirus restriction, called “Free Day”, which will be relaxed on June 21, will be postponed to July 19, the sun can reveal.

Until July 19, social distances continue to exist, public transport requires masks, rules 6 apply indoors, and nightclubs cannot be opened yet.

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Boris Johnson is set to announce a delay on Monday nightCredit: AP

New concerns about delta variants, doubling the chance of hospitalization In some cases the fuel will increase by 90%.

There were an additional 7,393 confirmed cases yesterday.

The plan, which will be announced on Monday, will include a two-week review. This means that Covid’s restrictions may be lifted on July 5th if hospitalization ceases.

However, sources have told the sun that the restrictions could be lifted. Scheduled for June 21 It was close to zero-with a big blow Wembley Hosting Euro..

What does Boris Johnson say?

Boris Johnson is set to address the country on Monday night after making his final decision.

However, sources have already suggested that step 4 of the blockade roadmap will be pushed one month after the surge in Covid cases.

Whitehall sources involved in the delay plan said that all adults in the UK would be offered at least one jab by the end of July, and short delays would be much better than making a U-turn and reintroducing restrictions. It points out the fact that it is believed to be.

One source said:

“No one wants to go back, so we need to do this right first.”

When will the blockade end?

The blockade is scheduled to end on July 19.

Delaying the end of the blockade will allow authorities to resolve whether vaccination deployments can actually keep hospitalization low despite the increase in cases.

It will also give millions of people extra time to be double-jabed in the UK.

This happens after studies suggest that the latest Covid variants more than double the risk of hospitalization.

What are the current rules and restrictions?

There is still social distance, masks are required on public transport, there are 6 rules indoors, and nightclubs cannot be opened yet.

Hotels and B & Bs are open and are likely to be vacationers dreaming of sunbathing Can travel abroadIn addition to having to quarantine returning from the countries listed in red and amber.

Indoor entertainment and attractions are open-and groups can Head to the pub and sit inside.

Indoor exercise classes are open, and less active people can finally go to the cinemas and museums.

Theater and concert performances can be resumed with sporting events for 1,000 people, or 50% (or less) of the venue’s capacity.

Under the current rules, weddings and receptions can still be done Please proceed with 30 people.

The· The rules are different at funerals. Capacity is not a strict limit, but is determined by the number of people that can be safely accommodated in a place of worship or funeral home. The mourners are socially distant.

Boris Johnson holds major press conference during England’s first Euro 2020 match on Sunday

Is the release of the blockade on June 21 delayed?

SourceIs the release of the blockade on June 21 delayed?

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