Is Naughty Boy related to Saira Khan?

NAUGHTY Boy will appear at this year’s I’m a Celeb after rejecting last year’s offer.

Many wonder if the rapper has something to do with former Loose Women’s panelist Saira Khan. Have a look at this.


Naughty Boy was born in England in 1985 as Shahid Khan.Credit: PA

Is Naughty Boy related to Saira Khan?

Shahid aka Naughty Boy is actually Loose female Sila Khan..

But he has a sister named Sila who can explain the turmoil.

Former Loose Women’s panelist Sila has a sister, Sadie Khan, but no siblings.


Naughty Boy was scheduled to appear at I’m a Celebrity last year, but declined the offer because he had to take care of his mother with dementia.Credit: ITV

Why did Naughty Boy refuse to be a celebrity offer in 2020?

Naughty Boy scheduled to appear this year I am a celebrity, Declined the offer in 2020.

Speaking of press including RadioTimes.comHe revealed that he didn’t participate in the series last year because he couldn’t leave his mother, Zahida. dementia..

“I was trying to do it last year, and I was really excited about it, but life was just not allowed me to do it last year,” he explained.

“That is, we were in and out COVID, And since I live with my mother and her caregiver, it was a bit dangerous to leave my mother at that time. “

Why is Shahid Khan called Naughty Boy?

Shahid Khan is well known for his stage name Naughty Boy.

He has established himself as a record producer under the Monica “Naughty Boy” and runs his own production company called Naughty Boy Recordings.

Growing up, he secretly learned how to play the piano and started mixing songs on his PC using the software he got for free in magazines.

After dropping out of college, Naughty Boy got several jobs to raise money for his dreams, worked at Watford General Hospital, and delivered Domino’s Pizza.

Since then, the rapper and producer has worked with the following artists: Tinie Tempah, Zayn Malik, Jennifer Hudson, When Emeli sandé..

Is Naughty Boy related to Saira Khan?

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