Is Harry Styles launching a beauty brand?

HARRY Styles has been on the rise since the 2010 X-Factor audition.

Former One Direction singers are now stepping into the beauty industry in the hope of making their products more gender-neutral.


Harry Styles started playing on November 15, 2021Credit: Getty

Is Harry Styles launching a beauty brand?

Styles, 27, is known for her gender-fluid wardrobe and is often seen wearing a manicure.

On November 15, 2021, he told 40 million followers, ” Please..

“Find your joy,” he captioned the photo.

The first line, titled Perfect Pearl, is currently available for pre-order and features manicure, dual rollerball lips and eye serum, and a facial serum with prices ranging from $ 20 to $ 75.

“When Plasing decided to make cosmetological products, I wanted to make sure they were the ones I use,” Styles said in a press release.

“I didn’t want to make a product that hides people, so I wanted to make people stand out and feel beautiful.”

The product is vegan and non-abuse and will begin shipping at the end of November.

The brand is vegan and abuse-free


The brand is vegan and abuse-freeCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Did Harry Styles decorate the cover of Vogue?

The Styles beauty brand was launched a year after it appeared on the cover of Vogue. Gucci dress, Made him the first solo man to decorate the cover of a magazine.

At the time, many praised his style with his courage, but fashion icon Billy Porter felt different.

Known for his eclectic red carpet fashion for many years, Porter is often a sports ball gown, platform shoe, and quirky accessory. Publications for choosing “straight whites” on their covers..

“I changed the whole game,” he explained to The Sunday Times. “And it’s not an ego, it’s just a fact. I was the first person to do it, and now everyone is doing it.

“I feel like the fashion industry has embraced me. I’m not always sure. The reason is: I created a conversation, but Vogue is still a straight white Harry. I put Styles on the cover dress for the first time. “

He went on to reveal that his comments were personally not in style, but in Vogue.

“I’m not dragging Harry Styles, but is he the one you’re trying to use to express this new conversation?” He asked rhetorically.

“He doesn’t care. He’s just doing it because it’s what he has to do. This is politics for me. This is my life. I dressed Oscar and shot with a gun. I had to fight for the rest of my life to get to a place where I couldn’t. All he had to do was be white and straight. “

He later apologized to the singer at a late show in response to a backlash.

At the time, Porter said: “Harry Styles, I apologize for saying your name. It’s not about you. The conversation isn’t about you.

“In fact, the conversation is deeper than that.

“It’s about a system of color oppression and elimination that contributes to culture.”

Porter then concluded his statement by saying: “… I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean harmless. I’m a gay guy.

“We like Harry, he’s cute!”

Harry Styles breaks gender habits while squeezing a Gucci handbag in a campaign video with James Corden

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Is Harry Styles launching a beauty brand?

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