Is Drew Barrymore sober?

Following an interview with Machine Gun Kelly on her own talk show, Drew Barrymore opened at CBS Mornings on Thursday, December 9, 2021 on her state of mental health.

She is also a viewer Her decision to stop drinking..


Drew Barrymore has her own talk showCredits: Getty Images-Getty

Is Drew Barrymore sober?

While she appeared on CBS Mornings Drew Barrymore She has revealed over the last few years that she has been on a “quiet and confident journey” towards drinking.

“I’m going to say something after a long time …

“I hadn’t been drinking alcohol for two and a half years, and that was what I realized wasn’t useful to me in my life,” she said.

The star admitted that he was “very private” when it came to his mental health, but talked about how celebrities expect changes in the way they handle subtle topics on social media and in public. Did.

“We are in a deadlock and talking about how to understand ourselves and how to fix ourselves requires a journey and a solution,” she said.

“Most people do it privately.”

“Now that we’re all forced to see and feel through social media, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a rebellion against it perfectly,” she continued.

What else did Drew Barrymore do during the interview with CBS Mornings?

Drew revealed that sharing the journey to self-acceptance was a “sigh of relief.”

“We aren’t doing this to get public attention,” she said.

“I want to move forward in a more honest way that promotes my spiritual peace.”

After becoming famous at the age of six, Drew Barrymore faced many problems with life in Hollywood, including substance abuse.

Star had previously been open about his childhood addiction to cocaine and “blacklisted” her at the age of twelve.

Her teen spent in rehab and mental hospitals, and after attempting suicide at the age of 14, her mother granted legal release.

“Maybe people think I understood so many problems when I was young, because it was so hard at the time,” she told CBS Mornings.

“Every decade of life we ​​continue to face more than we thought we saw. I’m interested in that conversation. We don’t fix it and go ahead. Proceed to and never break again.

“We are on that roller coaster,” she concludes.

The actress revealed that she had been calm for over two years in an episode of CBS Mornings


The actress revealed that she had been calm for over two years in an episode of CBS MorningsCredits: Getty Images-Getty

What did Machine Gun Kelly and Drew Barrymore talk about at her talk show?

Machine Gun Kelly is here Drew Barry More Show For episodes aired on Friday, December 11, 2021.

He initially planned to discuss his new unisex manicure company, UN / DN LAQR, but Kelly sat down and told Drew that he wasn’t feeling well.

Over manicure, he was open about the fight against mental health and the industry’s pressure on entertainers to take a positive view.

“I see a lot of my pictures and they have a smile,” he started.

“But it’s weird because I feel sick on that day and I’m a little tired of the day when I’m not good at smiling.

“And I don’t want the fans to take me for granted, so it feels like this weird pressure,” he continued.

“So, I received the award and I’m like a super smile, but behind the scenes, I really didn’t feel something was happening, I don’t know-I don’t It’s for others like much of what I’m doing, and I’m not giving myself time to just accept that it’s okay if it’s not okay. “

After he opened his heart to Drew, she replied, “I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I love you very much. I really do.”

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Is Drew Barrymore sober?

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