Is Colton Underwood a single?

COLTON Underwood is the first former bachelor’s degree contestant to appear openly as gay.

Colton’s six-part Netflix documentary focused on his life As a gay man It will premiere on December 3, 2021.


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Is Colton Underwood a single?

Colton Underwood is currently dating Jordan C Brown, Two were found kissing during the holidays In hawaii Earlier this year.

At the age of 38, Brown is reportedly involved in many high-profile political campaigns, including Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

The former bachelor’s star seemed obsessed with his cell phone as he was proud to go out with his peers, including Olympic Gus, 29.

TMZ The reported gas will star with him in his Netflix series.

Colton Underwood is currently single


Colton Underwood is currently singleCredit: Splash

Some fans tore Colton, and as a result of his “dangerous behavior” against his ex-Cathy Randolph, TV stars say “never deserve the platform.”

The organizer is now “Canceled Colton Underwood’s Netflix Documentary“Plea.

When did Colton Underwood announce that he was gay?

Colton came out as gay in a candid television interview with Good Morning American on April 14, 2021.

He states: “This year was a lot of years for many. Perhaps many are looking in the mirror and confronting what they are running.

“For me, I’ve run away from myself for a long time, and I hated myself for a long time. I’m gay. And I agreed with it earlier this year. All next of this The step was to inform people. I’m still nervous, it was certainly a journey. “

Colton Underwood came out as gay on April 14th in Good Morning America


Colton Underwood came out as gay on April 14th in Good Morning AmericaCredit: BackGrid

He told Robin that he was the “happiest and healthiest person” of his life after overcoming a depression attack.

At some point, he insisted that he should die rather than admit that he was gay.

When asked if he had harmed himself, Colton replied: For me, it was my awakening call, “This is your life, regain control.”

Underwood said he fought suicidal ideation while agreeing to his sexuality.


Underwood said he fought suicidal ideation while agreeing to his sexuality.Credit: BackGrid

“Looking beyond that, even suicidal ideation drives my car near a cliff and thinks,’If you drive a car from this cliff, it’s not that big of a deal …’. “

“I don’t feel it anymore,” he declared.

Colton previously Doubt his sexuality In his memoir The First Time, but denied that he was gay.

What did Cassie Randolph say about Colton Underwood’s coming out?

Kathy Randolph thanked the fans for the subsequent “all kind comments” Colton “blindly” made her appear as a homosexual.

Kathy, 25, picking up her Instagram story and writing:

“Yes, some people are asking about this week’s YouTube. I’ve decided to take a break that week, but I’ll be taking a break next week too !!”

During an interview with Robin Roberts, Not only Colton Revealed that he is gayBut also apologized to his ex-girlfriend Kathy.



NINTCHDBPICT000647388078-2Credits: Instagram / @ cassierandolph

Colton during his time at the ABC Dating Competition Show It fell head over heels for Kathy Landolph.

The pair was finally dated 18 months from the season finale of Bachelor’s Season 23 Called to stop it May 2020.

Following the news of their division, Sources told people I knew that the two had different priorities and wouldn’t work in the end.

The split was originally believed to be friendly, but things were confused when 25-year-old Kathy issued a detention order against Colton.

Back in September, Kathy accused Colton of being a “stalker” and “tracking her car.”

She was given a temporary detention order, forcing Colton to stay at least 100 yards away in addition to cars, homes, workplaces and schools.

She will later withdraw the restraint order.

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Is Colton Underwood a single?

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