Is Canberra A Good Place For Solar Panels

Solar panels are a good investment. They are suitable for most of Australia which enjoys lots of sunshine. Over the last decade, millions of Australians have adopted the use of solar panels. The government has provided incentives that have made it attractive to have solar panels installed in most homes.

Canberra is a good place for solar panels. It enjoys hours of sunshine that can be harnessed and converted to power by solar panels. The government also provides attractive rebates to encourage more and more Canberra residents to install solar panels.

Over 20% of Canberra residents are currently using solar panels. As a result, more residents can see that they live in a good place for the adoption of solar panels at home. In the next few years, more Canberra residents are expected to start using solar panels.

Why is Canberra A Good Place For Solar Panels


There are federal government incentives in Canberra to encourage the use of solar panels. The incentives are in the form of discount rebates on the purchase price of solar panels. Canberra residents can enjoy these rebates if they buy their solar panels from accredited sellers.

The rebates are offered in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates. These are tradeable certificates that are exchanged for a discount at the point of purchase of a solar panel.

The STC stipulated discount varies depending on the size of the solar panel that one is buying. The discounts are higher for larger sizes of solar panels and lower for the small sizes.

As a Canberra resident, you can take advantage of the rebates and acquire a solar panel at a discount.

Feed-In Tariffs

Another government incentive makes Canberra a good place for solar panels. Canberra residents with excess solar power can feed it into the grid at rates stipulated by the government.

When buying a solar panel, you can also buy a battery that stores the power produced by the solar panels. Solar panels produce more power than you can use at home. You can then feed in the excess power into the grid. The amount of power you feed into the grid is recorded. You are then offered credits for it.

If you still use electricity, you can use the credits given to offset the amount of your bill.


Canberra enjoys pleasant weather for most of the year. Canberra weather provides another good reason why it is a good place for solar panels.

Solar panels work best in regions with plenty of sunshine. In normal times, Canberra enjoys at least 5 hours of daytime sunshine. In summer, there are up to 7 hours of sunshine. These many hours of sunshine make Canberra an ideal region for the use of solar panels.

Canberra residents can take advantage of the great weather to make huge savings on their electricity bills by using solar panels.

Solar Panels And Installers Are Easily Available

With over 20% of the population in Canberra using solar panels, you can easily find an installation expert if you need one.

Solar panel installation experts will sell solar panels and also install them. There are several large and small solar panel installers in Canberra.

When a solar system is properly installed, it will work for its lifetime with basic maintenance. Thus, you need to get a competent solar installation expert to install it for you.

Expert installers will also ensure that your solar panels are properly mounted and angled on your roof. They will see to it that the solar panels are mounted on a slope that ensures that can capture maximum sunlight to produce power efficiently.

Reducing Price Of Solar Panels

The price of solar panels today is less than half of what it was a decade ago. With this in mind, this is the best time for Canberra residents to go solar.

The solar rebate offered by the government reduces every year. By the year 2030, it will be discontinued. Thus, if you live in Canberra, this is the best time for you to get solar panels for your home.

With a low price on solar panels, a discount from the federal government, and the best weather for solar, you can see how Canberra is a good place for solar panels.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Solar Panel Installers In Canberra

Accredited Installers

The first thing you need to look for in a solar installer is they are accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

You can only get your rebate if you buy and install solar from an accredited installer.

An accredited installer also is an expert in solar installation. They will fix your solar panels professionally to achieve maximum power output.

Duration Of Existence

When looking for a solar panel installer, make sure to find out how long they have been in business. Get an installer who has been in business for at least a decade or more.

Over the last few years, many solar panel installers have closed shop. Their previous customers are now left stranded. They don’t have a place where they can get customer service and support when they need it.

Do They Have Customers With Similar Needs To Yours

Before you pick a solar installer for your home, make sure that they can and have handled a similar project to yours. Go through their website to find previous projects they have worked on before you choose a solar installer.

If they have installed solar panels to homes similar to yours perfectly, then you can choose to use them.

Read Customer Reviews

Before you choose a solar installer for your project, you need to read customer reviews of your preferred solar installer.

Customer reviews let you know what previous customers of your chosen installer have said about them. Check out their social media pages and business directories to read reviews.

Choose the installers with more positive than negative reviews. This indicates that the installers are responsive to their customers’ support needs.

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