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Is BTTS betting one of the better betting markets ?

BTTS (Both Teams to Score) is a football bet that has become so popular in the sports betting world that some say it is one of the best forms of betting. Before confirming or denying this, let’s find out how the BTTS works !

Why betting on BTTS ?

The main interest of BTTS is that it is a bet that can be validated very quickly depending on the match: as soon as both teams have scored you validate your bet. Moreover, it is a bet where you have a 50% chance of winning. Knowing that the BTTS odds are generally very interesting as soon as you take the time to choose your matches well, the BTTS is a form of betting to be seriously considered.

How to bet on BTTS?

As with all other sports bets, BTTS can be played as a single bet on your ‘ticket’ or with other bets in combination. In the long run, single betting can be profitable, it just means betting on a single BTTS. Choose interesting odds of at least 1/70.

You also have the option to combine several BTTS on the same ticket or with other types of bets. This increases the odds of course but also the risk of loosing as the probability of the bet winning decreases.

You can also bet live on a goal of both teams. This can be an interesting play if after analysis you have spotted a good probability of BTTS but the odds were in your opinion too low before the match. So you could wait for the odds to rise during the match if the score remains blank for a while.

A little less known fact: most punters bet on both teams scoring, but on the other hand you can bet on at least one of the teams not scoring. To improve your knowledge of this type of betting, do not hesitate to consult these BTTS tips from squawka.com before starting to bet.

Which matches to bet on?

You can look at the WinDrawWin ranking to see which league has the highest BTTS rate, for example you will learn that Euro 2020 proved to be a high scoring tournament. Don’t hesitate to bet on leagues that don’t get much attention in the UK, for example the Dutch league (Eredivisie) which is known to be prolific in goals.

Every punter knows the importance of statistics. You can analyse the number of goals scored and conceded by the teams and the percentage of their games that ended with both teams scoring. But you will also need to know the style of play of each team: for example, a defensive team like Atletico Madrid will find it difficult to concede a BTTS bet, whereas a very offensive team like Atalanta Bergamo will. Also, don’t forget to take into account the history of the matches. Statistics give you valuable information, but don’t follow them blindly, analyse them before placing your bet. If you always go with the bookmakers you might miss out on some good odds.

Statistics are important but it is also important to follow the football news to know the level and condition of the teams at that moment as well as the exact context of the game. If you are a beginner, why not take advantage of a special offer like this one to try the BTTS? If you are an experienced punter, don’t ignore your instincts: there are often good odds to be found by betting against the flow of the game, and it is sometimes where you least expect it that the value bet is hidden.

 Is BTTS betting one of the better betting markets ?

Answering this question is not exactly a simple matter. Indeed, the BTTS seems disarmingly simple: it allows you to place a bet easily. It offers only two possibilities. Either both teams score or they don’t. It’s 50/50. This simplicity, combined with the attractive odds and its rising popularity, suggests that BTTS is one of the best bets on the market. However, as we mentioned earlier, BTTS requires a good knowledge of the statistics and the teams that are playing each other. BTTS is a great option for the casual bettor, but if you want to win consistently with this type of bet you need a lot of experience and analysis upfront.

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