Is another blockade coming in the UK?Everything we know

Boris JohnsonGovernments are under increasing pressure to reintroduce social restrictions to curb growing numbers. COVID-19 Avoid incidents in the UK and the winter medical crisis.

Ministry of Public Health Recorded an additional 43,738 cases of coronavirus On Tuesday, 223 people died within 28 days of a positive respiratory illness test. Highest casualty rate since 9th March Before the vaccine bounce begins to take effect.

Although the total number of cases decreased slightly at 49,156 reported on Monday, the number of infections has consistently exceeded 40,000 over the past week, and the UK is once again at the forefront of a global counterattack against the pandemic.

The government’s “Plan A,” that is, providing vaccine booster jabs to 30 million people identified as vulnerable, does not seem to work. Sir David KingHe was the chief scientist of the Tony Blair government between 2000 and 2007, and told Sky News that the deployment was “very slow” and that the total 3.1 million people reached so far were inadequate.

Talk to BBC Radio 4 today Wednesday morning program, Professor Niall Ferguson Imperial College London also warned that the country’s early success in deploying the vaccination program, which began in December 2020, warned that Britain’s immunity would appear to be “weakened.” ..

“People need to be aware that we now have a higher level of infection in our community than we have ever experienced during a pandemic,” said Professor Ferguson.

It was also CEO Matthew Taylor who responded to the increasingly disturbing state of play. NHS Union sought Urgent imposition of “Plan B” In order to stop the spread, we will order the revival of measures such as wearing masks, working from home, and vaccination.

“We’re on the edge-and it’s mid-October,” he said. “It takes incredible luck to not find yourself in the midst of a serious crisis for the next three months.

“The government should not only announce that we are moving to Plan B, but should be Plan B Plus. We need to do what is in Plan B from a mask perspective … just work from home. Instead, we need to strive to achieve the mobilization of the people as achieved in the first and second waves, which is unobtrusive for the people to support, to support medical services. “

Downing Street has so far described the situation as “very carefully watching” and admits that there are signs that the number of hospitalizations and deaths is also increasing, but is now “totally” reintroducing restrictions. I have no plans. ” The last one was abandoned on July 19th, “Free Day”.

Their current coronavirus program continues to control the virus, reiterating that he and his minister “must put all our energy into our vaccination program.” He reportedly told his cabinet that he believed.

About the outlook for the new people Blockade Conducted business secretary Kwasi Kwaten I rejected the idea in an interview with Sky News on Wednesday morning. “I exclude it.”

“I don’t think the conversation about travel restrictions, more blockade restrictions is completely useless,” he added. “We don’t want to go back to blockades and further restrictions.”

A spokesman for No. 10 repeated that attitude at lunchtime on Wednesday, saying: We are sticking to the autumn and winter plans we have set. “

But previously the government was in early September Did you plan for a future “firebreak” blockage? Due to the increase in incidents, officials at the time emphasized that this was merely an emergency response plan centered on the reintroduction of restrictions, and that the new blockade would only be imposed as a “last resort.”

Minister of Health Sajid Javid Is due to Have a rare press conference Whatever he really has to say to address the growing concerns Wednesday evening, it is a sign that the government is at least aware of the seriousness of the public concerns surrounding high infection rates.

Is another blockade coming in the UK?Everything we know

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