Iran’s Nuclear Agreement: Arms Race in the Middle East may be at stake as negotiations resume | World News

The last chance to stop Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons began this week. Nuclear negotiations will resume. Potentially at stake is the nuclear arms race in the Middle East, or regional escalations and conflicts.

The embarrassed negotiations collapsed in June.Britain joins France, Germany, US, EU, Russia and China at talks in Austrian capital, hoping to convince Iran to return to trading It was blown away by Donald Trump..

The clunky acronym JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) is the name given to the nuclear agreement signed by all parties in 2015 after years of difficult diplomacy.

Workers riding bicycles in front of the containment vessel of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, just outside the southern city of Bushehr. Pic: AP

The agreement lifted sanctions Iran Meanwhile, the government agreed to suspend the nuclear program. Iran has always argued that it enriches uranium only for civilian purposes. The outside world suspects it is trying to make a bomb.

Mr. Trump failed the deal. It then scrapes American signatures and imposes maximum pressure sanctions instead.

Iran has regained its affluence as the United States resumes trading.

To make a bomb, you need 90% enriched uranium. The deal allowed Iran to concentrate at just over 3%. When the centrifuge is restarted, it is now estimated that 114 kg is 20% concentrated and 17.7 kg is 60% concentrated.

Some estimate that if Iran removes all restrictions and erases everything, it now takes only one month to build a bomb. Others estimate that the “breakout time” is just over 6 months.

Israel is very cautious, shattering plans to bomb Iran’s nuclear program. For years, it has wages a secret war against Iran’s bomb makers, assassinating top scientists and using ingenious cyber tactics to thwart their work. It says to take military action as needed. Iranian leaders have repeatedly spoken about clearing Israel from the surface of the map.

There are many dangers in Vienna next week. (File photo: AP)
Iranian technicians work at a uranium conversion facility just outside the city of Isfahan. File photo: AP

Saudi Arabia has revealed that Iran’s nuclear weapons program can be counteracted on its own.

The arms race against Iran and the Israeli military attack will deeply stabilize already unstable regions and threaten the impact on the world economy.

Iran desperately needs a deal. The economy is devastated by catastrophic sanctions. But the country’s new hardline government is taking harsh action. Inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency have been harassed and intimidated, and their work is in dire straits.

Prior to this week’s talks, Iranians have increased their demands. The new president, Ebrahim Raisi, did not sound very keen to return to the contract, which criticized the signature of his predecessor.

British and US diplomats claim that the deal is within reach and benefits everyone. As negotiations resume, there will be a predictable amount of attitude and grandeur. Then check if either side has brought a serious viable offer to the table. Otherwise, the hope that the JCPOA will be removed from life support will evaporate with everything that could follow.

Iran’s Nuclear Agreement: Arms Race in the Middle East may be at stake as negotiations resume | World News

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