Iranian authorities should be prosecuted for shooting down Ukrainian planes, UN experts say | Ukraine

Many high-level Iranian officials Shoot down Ukrainian commercial airliner In January 2020, a UN human rights expert said the killing of 176 people on board was a “serious and serious prosecution” of national civil and military authorities.

Agnes Calamar, UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Execution, 45-page letter Many of her questions were unanswered, outlining her findings from a six-month investigation into the disaster and complaining about Iran’s lack of cooperation to the Iranian government, which was released on Tuesday.

Caramard said he had been harassed and intimidated, refused to return his body and belongings, and had to follow the officially staged “martyr” funeral, regarding the treatment of the victims’ families by the Tehran government. He expressed a particularly strong criticism.

Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 shoot down Five days after a US drone strike killed IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani, when tensions were rising shortly after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) air defense missile turret took off from Tehran International Airport.

The plane was bound for Kiev, but had 55 citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada on board. Tehran said the Boeing 737-800 was accidentally shot down by an air defense force that was mistaken for a US missile after denying responsibility for several days.

“The contradictions in the official description seem to be designed to produce the greatest confusion and the least clarity. Caramard misunderstood in a letter sent to Tehran 60 days ago with a series of questions. It seems that it is designed to be invited and embarrassed, “but no reply has been received yet.

Iran’s delegation to the United Nations did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday night.

“At best, what we have here is a series of very incompetent actions … in my view, the criminal court describes it as criminal and reckless,” Caramad said. I told the Guardian.

She added that the shooting down of the plane was “a serious and serious prosecution of Iran by both military and civilian authorities for breach of human rights obligations.”

The official Iranian account details a series of technical failures and human error that led to the tragedy, but Caramard said he raised more questions that Tehran could not answer.

For example, according to the official account, the mobile missile unit that launched two Russian-made Tor missiles and shot down the airline was not properly tuned, so the radar system displayed the aircraft as an approach rather than an outbound route.

Caramard said it did not explain why this miscalibration occurred, why it was not detected, or why the missile was launched. It was also unclear why the crew did not follow standard operating procedures that prevented the launch, why the airport was not closed when tensions increased, and why the investigation failed.The· The crash scene was looted and covered with a bulldozer Before the arrival of the international inspector.

Despite conflicting reports of the arrest and prosecution of missile crews, Caramard said: “Unfortunately, from an accountability standpoint, Iran cannot be expected to prosecute even at the top or middle of the chain of command. High officials to be prosecuted.”

She added that there was no evidence that Iran had made the fundamental changes needed to give guarantees to the rest of the world that the same mistakes would never happen again.

Caramad’s letter afflicts the Iranian government for the treatment of bereaved families. In many cases, personal belongings were lost after looting the crash site and luggage.

“Iranian authorities have tried to force families to publicly declare their support for the government and risk the remains of their loved ones not being returned,” the letter said. “Many families were reportedly denied private funerals. Victims were declared dead” martyrs “for their country. As a result, the funeral was tightly controlled. “

The victim’s casket says, “Congratulations on martyrdom,” contrary to the wishes of the family.

Iran and Canadian families said they had been threatened with murder for criticizing Iran.

Caramard told the Guardian that the treatment of a sad family was “cynical, cruel, and criminal.”

She is especially with Canada Ukraine, Will not be acquired or held hostage by the desire to save the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

“Under no circumstances, the quest for justice in the PS752 should not be undermined by the quest for an equally important nuclear agreement,” Caramad said.

Iranian authorities should be prosecuted for shooting down Ukrainian planes, UN experts say | Ukraine

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