Intimate health professionals reveal how often you need to change your underwear

Intimate health experts have revealed that the key to maintaining a healthy vagina can depend on your choice of underwear.

Dr. Shirin Rakani of Elite Esthetics, a British cosmetics doctor, told FEMAIL that it is important to change underwear every 12 months because underwear comes in very close contact with intimate parts of the body. ..

Experts said there are some studies suggesting that washing machines do not always remove all bacteria, such as E. coli, from underwear, adding: As a more sinister bacterium that may be the result of infections such as thrush and sexually transmitted diseases.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Taylor, an intimate health expert and managing director of pelvic health care firm Kegel8, said women who should choose to go to Commando during sleep or exercise to maintain a healthy vagina. I made it clear that I am.

Here’s how underwear affects your health, and what steps your pants need to take to stay healthy …

Change your pants every 12 months

Wear the bra 4 times, wash and replace after 1 year

Dr. Lakhani advised how often to wash the bra, saying “it should be washed every 3-4 times at 30 degrees to prevent the bra from shrinking or damaging the delicate fabrics.” I did.

“Your bra is in close contact with your skin, your nipples, and very close to your armpits for a long time.

“As a result, we come into contact with many dead skin from these areas, not just sweat.”

Dr. Lakhani added: It’s more than this for breastfeeding mothers. ”

She continued:’The bra is designed to be worn to support the delicate tissues and muscles of the chest, so frequent washing of the fabric over time will cause it to sag and become less effective.

“For both of these reasons, I recommend changing bras every year.”

Dr. Lakhani said it doesn’t matter if women prefer trousers, laces or briefs, but underwear needs to be changed annually.

She states: “The important thing is that any style of underwear is a breeding ground for bacteria that does not always completely remove bacteria when machine washed.”

Dr. Lakhani adds that while most bacteria in underwear do no harm, they “can cause problems over time” in delicate areas such as urinary tract infections, inflammation, and abnormal secretions. It was.

Choose “soft” materials for everyday wear

According to Stephanie Taylor, an intimate health expert and managing director of pelvic health care firm Kegel8, choosing certain ingredients can help maintain a healthy vagina. ..

She states: ‘The next time you buy pants, consider how the material affects your skin, beyond cuts, fashion and colors.

“Rough scratched materials can cause rubbing and discomfort, so it is advisable to choose a soft material.

“Lace pants and mesh pants are cute for special occasions, but you shouldn’t wear them every day.

“Silk blends and satin may look good, but choosing a breathable material such as cotton reduces the risk of infection because it doesn’t trap moisture.”

Please choose the right size

Stephanie explained that finding the right fit for your underwear can help not only for comfort, but also for maintaining a healthy vagina.

She said:’If you’re wearing the wrong pants size and they fit a little too tightly, it can hinder your daily comfort and confidence, as well as harm your vaginal health. There is.

“Fabrics that are too close to the skin can trap heat and moisture and cause vaginal pH level imbalances.

“Tight underwear can also rub and rub the skin. Irritation along sensitive areas of the skin is not only unpleasant, but can also lead to painful ingrown hair.

“If your pants leave marks on your skin, it’s time to consider increasing their size to avoid possible infections.”

Dr. Shirin Rakani, an intimate health expert, said that bras are in close contact with the nipples and armpits, so skin and sweat from these areas are dead and should be changed annually, as well as pants. I told FEMAIL that I needed it (stock image)

Don’t be afraid to go to the command

Meanwhile, Stephanie revealed that women should not be afraid to go without underwear: “In general, if you have a healthy vagina, going to Commando is good for vaginal health. It doesn’t affect either or negatively, so it depends entirely on your personal taste. “

She explained that in certain situations some women may actually be healthier to go to the commando, revealing:’Prone to vaginal infections:’ If you are exposed to bacteria, it is advisable not to wear underwear on the bed as it will reduce genital time and minimize the buildup of moisture.

She continued:’Bacteria breed in a warm and moist environment, so some experts recommend going to Commando while you are exercising.

“Wet underwear can also cause unpleasant rubbing, so take this into consideration when considering whether to leave your nicker at home while exercising.

“If you find it more comfortable to wear your underwear, be sure to remove and wash the item after each workout.”

Intimate health professionals reveal how often you need to change your underwear

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