Intelligent Automation-The Key to Personalized Care in a Growing World

Technology has streamlined almost every aspect of our lives, and the current Covid-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the pace at which this digital transformation is taking place. The dynamic nature of the healthcare world, especially the effects of pandemics, has increased the need for clinicians to have access to all patient information in real time, as well as from anywhere. Interoperability and the security of this information are absolute prerequisites.

A coordinated approach to healthcare

Information, communication, speed and customization provide a tailored approach to personal healthcare and maintain a personal touch in a world of over 7 billion people. Without the use of technology to provide this approach, individuals will be lost in the masses who make needs based on general decisions rather than individual decisions. Only through technology can individuals retain their voice and meet their needs. This is not a “technology that is imposed on people,” but a “technology that is led by people.” Technology can be used to ensure that individual rights and rights considered on an individual basis are respected as the population grows and the demand for essential services increases.

Importance of interoperability

The UK healthcare system is undergoing a major overhaul of its technology system to give individuals a say and bring about an era of personalized care. All technology systems must be able to communicate with each other in a secure manner. This process involves working together with healthcare professionals, tech companies, and cybersecurity professionals to keep pace with each other.

More personalized data means better decision-making and keeps the potential for preventive and predictive care one step ahead of potential problems rather than trying to solve them when they occur. Open to.

The benefits of integrated care are:

  • The flow of information across health and social care will be faster and more consistent.
  • With instant and safe access to fully accurate health and care records, you can make better decisions.
  • This leads to a better experience of patient care.
  • People can move their healthcare system faster, which can save time and money and lead to faster access to care.

Intelligent automation

To reach this new horizon of healthcare, we need to get the right foundation: the digital architecture of the healthcare system.

The demands of healthcare professionals in recent months highlight the need to spend more time with patients and much less time to process a variety of information to support patient care. I made it. Intelligent automation of clinical information enables this new way of working.

Many vendors have brought automation solutions to market, and many have provided the NHS with true tangible value, but while maintaining the inherent speed of access to information, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Has the ability to integrate new information into patient records using technology from. Escaped the market so far.

The solution was developed by Chief Technology Officer (Automation and AI – NHS) Darren Atkins and, when used with MediViewer ™, leverages an open API structure that integrates the Blue Prism Cloud RPA engine with MediViewer ™ for healthcare professionals. Will be able to access new ones. Information from other major hospital systems via the MediViewer ™ UI as a single source view. The speed of integration is incredible and underscores the value of technology partners working together for the greater benefit of healthcare services.

Faster access to information – improved patient experience

MediViewer ™ from IMMJ system Is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), which has recently established itself as the EDMS of choice among clinicians and the wider NHS. The intuition of the UI, combined with the unique speed of access to information, has helped clinicians make gradual changes in the way they provide patient care, as well as improve the patient experience.

“Using the power of Blue Prism Cloud to interact directly with IMMJ’s MediViewer ™ Open API, you can quickly upload clinical documents without using the front-end user interface. For example, existing processes within NHS Digital Exchange. Using the MediViewer ™ API to get GP referrals from ERS, you can upload clinical documents in real time without human input. The list of opportunities is endless. ”– NHS Chief Technical Officer One Darren Atkins.

Intelligent Automation-The Key to Personalized Care in a Growing World

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