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Insulate Britain: Grant Shapps Announces Injunction Against Eco Enthusiasms-“Dangerous Life!” | UK | News

Grant Shapps, 53, said the High Court has approved a temporary injunction against eco-enthusiast activists following yet another series of British adiabatic protests. Mr. Chaps, who has represented Wellwin Hatfield voters since 2005, posted on Twitter at around 7:30 pm:

“Three specific injunctions have already been implemented, but today I have instructed @NationalHways to apply for an injunction that covers the entire strategic road network. Tonight, this is temBillis by the High Court. Allowed by. “

In a follow-up post, the Minister of Transport added: “The long-term solution lies in police, crime, judgment, and changes to court bills, giving additional power to destructive protests targeting critical national infrastructure.

“This includes unlimited fines and imprisonment for up to 6 months if you block the freeway.”

Mr. Chaps’ announcement came after the Metropolitan Police Department stated that 53 people had been arrested after a protest in London yesterday.

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Activists from Insulate Britain, a branch of Extinction Rebellion, arrived in the capital and demanded that the government insulate all British homes by 2030.

During yesterday’s protests, group members targeted capital hotspots such as Limehouse Causeway, Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate, and Upper Thames Street.

Matthew Tally, who arrived with the group, even flirted after taking the “extreme action” of gluing his face to the road.

“That wasn’t one of my good moves,” Tally said as the people around him cut him freely with scissors.

The latest injunction is the fourth injunction imposed on eco-enthusiast groups.

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The first, introduced on September 21, called on activists not to interfere with “free flow of traffic on or along the M25 highway for protest purposes.”

Later, British insulation was hit by another injunction, and Transport for London was granted a ban on protests on the capital’s roads.

Since then, this injunction has been extended.

Injunctions can lead to imprisonment, and M25 injunctions can be sentenced to up to two years in prison, but the move in the High Court still discourages eco-activists from taking direct action. Hmm.

However, the group temporarily suspended the controversial climate change campaign from October 14th to October 24th.

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Since then, Insulate Britain has issued a statement that “we will not wait while the government is killing our children.”

The resumption of activist turmoil occurs after the public appears to oppose the group.

Potential drivers have previously been seen heckling, confronting, and taking away highly visible protesters from the road.

Insulate Britain: Grant Shapps Announces Injunction Against Eco Enthusiasms-“Dangerous Life!” | UK | News

SourceInsulate Britain: Grant Shapps Announces Injunction Against Eco Enthusiasms-“Dangerous Life!” | UK | News

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