Instagram is Not Enough: Give Your Photos a New Life in Print

More than 1 billion people across the world use Instagram – showcasing their best photos to friends and strangers alike. If you’re one of their number, you probably know that feeling of exhilaration that comes with every new like and comment. But the truth is, social media sites like Insta are designed to celebrate the present – and even the greatest photos can quickly get lost in the ever-updating image feed.

So what about the photos which capture the most precious moments of your life – photos you want to treasure forever? If you get them printed rather than putting them online, you’ll have a tangible reminder of those special times that will be yours for good.

In this article we’ll explore why photo printing still matters in the era of digital photography and cloud storage.Read on and get inspired!

Celebrate Your Greatest Moments

These days our digital photo archives are so huge that finding a particular image can take ages. When you spend ages browsing through your photos, all those precious memories can start to blur together. Not the best way to remember the best moments of your life!So why not give your favourite photos the treatment they deserve?

Whichever medium you choose – timeless framed photos, casual poster prints, or another format – your photos will take on a whole new character. Once you’ve got your photos printed and they’re displayed in your home, you’re sure to feel the emotional boost that comes with keeping your memories on display and reliving those special times again and again…

Keep Your Memories Safe

Printing out your best photos won’t just stop them getting forgotten in some tucked-away digital folder. It can even protect them from being lost completely. After all, every computer is at risk of the dreaded blue screen, while any memory disks or USB stick can be lost or broken. So even if you back up your images regularly, it’s still a great idea to make sure that no technological disaster can rob you of your photo memories.

Prepare Photos in a Blink

The switch to digital photography has revolutionised the printing industry: people tend to print less these days, but uploading photos is easier than ever.At most online print shops it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to place your order: just upload your images direct to the site, make your product selection, and check out. That means you can order your prints in the comfort of your home, during a lunch break, even on your daily commute.If you can spare two minutes to post on social media, you’ve got time to order some photo prints!

Be as Creative as You Want

These days you can get your photos printed in so many different ways.If classic wall art arrangements aren’t your cup of tea, try printed accessories instead.The best print providers will offer a wide variety of custom photo products – printed textiles, items for the home, workspace accessories and more.

Printed productscan serve a practical as well as decorative use. For example, a personalised blanket will keep you warm and cosy – you can get literally wrapped up in memories!While a printed mug will add a pop of colour to your coffee break at home or in the office. Custom photo prints also make unique gifts for just about any occasion – for example, photo mouse mats or printed mugs are guaranteed hits at the office Secret Santa!

Ready to Start?

There are so many custom print options these days, you can decorate your whole home with photos.And thanks to technological advances, as well as some fierce competition in the market,you can find high-quality prints atmore than affordable prices – discount companies like have prices starting at just £3 for poster prints and £6 for prints on canvas.Whena photo print costs less than a cinema ticket, what better time than now to give photo decorating a try?

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