Inside the PixelMax metaverse that reassures Alder Hey’s young patients

PixelMax built a unique metaverse for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to help reassure young patients before visiting the radiology department.

The department’s fully immersive 3D replica allows users to explore their surroundings and interact with its specialized devices from the comfort of their homes, helping them become familiar with the sights and sounds they will experience there.

In the virtual world, children and young people collect glowing keys to access different areas of the environment, winning virtual badges for switching on and learning how equipment, including X-ray machines and MRI scanners, works.

For children and young people, unfamiliar medical backgrounds can sometimes prove particularly daunting, resulting in delays and canceled appointments.

It is hoped that the initiative, developed in collaboration with Alder Hey’s innovation team, will result in fewer delays and cancellations.

PixelMax co-founder Andy Sands commented, “We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our digital twin from the radiology department. As an NHS Innovation Scout, we are committed to developing new ways of using technology to improve the healthcare experience for all.

“And this project with Alder Hey really exemplifies that spirit. By creating our bespoke interactive 3D world, we hope that visiting the hospital will become a much less daunting prospect for young patients and their families. “

Alder Hey Innovation Clinical Director Iain Hennessey commented, “Our goal is to use the most advanced technologies to solve real-world healthcare challenges.

“The quality of the virtual worlds developed by PixelMax really impressed us. It has been a privilege to work with such a skilled team in creating such an impressive replica of our radiology department, which we hope will engage, educate and provide vital reassurance to visitors. “

The radiology department replica is the latest feature of ALDERPLAY, Alder Hey’s fun digital playground for children and their families at Alder Hey.

It features a range of interactive children’s experiences designed for three key purposes: familiarization, distraction, and reward. The digital web platform is accessible via a web link on any internet-enabled device and is free of charge.

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Wasted appointments each year cost the NHS 162 million pounds, resulting in approximately 40 hours of wasted clinical time each month, causing serious delays in treating other patients1.

This is the latest initiative from Manchester-based PixelMax in the healthcare sector and follows a project to familiarize patients with the proton beam therapy facility at Christie Hospital in Manchester.

It comes after PixelMax united soccer fans from around the world last month with a bespoke interactive virtual world for the UEFA Women’s Champions League final.

Fans from all over the world such as Botswana, Bangladesh and Brazil have experienced unique and exclusive digital experiences as part of the WePlayStrong: Live! virtual event, marking the third time in a year that UEFA has entrusted PixelMax with providing personalized experiences for fans.

Inside the PixelMax metaverse that reassures Alder Hey’s young patients

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