Inside Simon Gløggson’s Chescher’s house, there are four oven kitchens.

Coronation Street Star Simon Gløggson Playing Steve McDonald has made us laugh on the screen for years, and more recently as himself I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!..

So it was a pleasure when the actor gave me understood! An exclusive tour of his stunning family home in Cheshire. In almost three years, Corrie star (47) and his wife Emma (38) have created a dream home with a children’s game room, a luxurious social area, and a huge kitchen with four ovens. I did. Sign up below-free! – Look inside his beautiful house.

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At home he shares With his wife Emma (38) and his sons Alfie (14), Harry (12), and 5-year-old Henry., They have a place to socialize and relax.

This year’s I’m A Celebrity runner-up gave insights into life in the home of his large family, where socializing and entertainment are clearly of value.

The actor standing in his beautiful lounge said, “This is the front room. It’s the” watching big TV “room. As you can see, there is a big Christmas tree. Of course, a large terry requires a large terry for every broke.

Simon added: “This is also like our movie theater. Come here. [and] Surround sound is in progress and you can sit here to watch all the movies.

As Simon explained, this could be the perfect place for me to reunite a celebrity.

“We will sit here, chat a little and watch a lot of Christmas movies soon.”

The actor loves spending time in the kitchen and describes this room as “the center of every house”

The kitchen was undoubtedly an important place for Simon, and he guided me through this part of the house and the arrangement of his utensils.

Collie’s veteran said: “The kitchen is the center of the house. It’s always the place where everyone in every house in the world is.

“We sit here, Emma cooks the storm and there are too many ovens than necessary, but they are all convenient.”

Gregson’s home has a total of four ovens, enough to feed a growing young boy, as Simon revealed.

Families also tend to spend a lot of time in the living room, and the actor says, “Of course there is a dining table, [but] We’re so northern that we like watching TV with dinner so we rarely use it! “

He went on to point to one of the four ovens, “these are always on because the boy is growing and can’t get enough food in it.” ..

The game room is a dream space for children to “enjoy as much as they want and confuse as much as they want”.

Another prominent area is the room that turned from a teenage dream pub to a game room.

He explained: “This used to be our pub, a small pub at home, but now we’ve handed it over to the boy and his game room. There’s a basketball arcade and a pool table with a ping pong table.

“And then there’s an arcade machine with hundreds of games with all the originals like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, etc. All 90’s games.”

Simon and his family love to sit and watch the movements and watch a lot of Christmas movies this year

The three dads sweetly added: “This is where the boys go, when they have friends on top of this, this is their room where we are not allowed.

“This room belongs to them and they can’t hear them anywhere else in the house, so they can enjoy as much as they want or confuse as much as they want!”

The star finished his tour by summarizing how fun and loving the house it is.

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Inside Simon Gløggson's Chescher's house, there are four oven kitchens.

Source link Inside Simon Gløggson's Chescher's house, there are four oven kitchens.

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