Inside Rita Ora’s hectic love life from Lewis Hamilton fling to toxic splits- & why ‘calming’ Taika Waititi is ‘the one’

RITA Ora could be set for a very merry Christmas as it’s claimed boyfriend Taika Waititi is ready to pop the question soon and already calls her “wifey”.

The Hot Right Now hitmaker, 31, is due to spend the festive period with her Marvel director fella, 46, in Australia.


Rita Ora could be engaged by the end of the festive period, according to a Sun source


Rita started dating director Taika Waititi earlier this yearCredit: Social Media

The couple, who met earlier this year, have gushed over one another in posts on social media and he’s already gained the seal of approval from Rita’s parents.

It seems like love at last for Rita, who’s reportedly worth £22million, after a string of ill-fated relationships and heartache in her quest to find the one.

As we look back at her colourful dating history, relationship experts reveal what went wrong – and why the gorgeous star has finally met her match.

Bruno Mars


Rita Ora with Bruno Mars who she described as ‘the world’s greatest guy’Credit: Social Media

Rita dated Bruno Mars for two years until 2011, before they both made it as internationally successful musicians. 

She was 18 and he was 23, and she described their time together as “such a great experience” and “love at first sight”.

Bruno was an “unknown” at that point, who was hired to write songs for her, but despite having a “wonderful” relationship, “work got in the way” of romance. 

In 2012, she told Bravo: “He was a struggling songwriter… I thought, ‘Wow, that’s just the world’s greatest guy!’” 

They remained close after the split and are supportive of one another’s careers.

Tina Wilson, a relationship expert and founder of the dating app Wingman, believes their love affair could have gone the distance had they been at different stages in their life.

She told The Sun: “Bruno and Rita may have worked out if they had met in later life, but they were young and had a lot of growing to do.

“The fact they stayed such good friends shows they went deeper than just attraction.”

Fellow relationships expert Callisto Adams added that the couple were likely “too young to settle”.

“Perhaps love wasn’t much involved but the understanding was on the scene for sure,” she added.

Rob Kardashian


Rita ‘forgot about’ her relationship with Rob Kardashian

In 2012, the rising singer was linked to Rob Kardashian for a couple of months.

However, their relationship soured after Rob took to Twitter and accused her of cheating – claims she didn’t respond to.

When quizzed about their relationship, Rita admitted she “forgot” they dated as it was “very short-lived” and she was focused on her career.

She told The Sunday Times: “I was so young. It was fun. It was very, very fun, I guess. That’s all I remember.”

During an interview with Glamour, Rita claimed to have been “like a ghost” during their romance and “was never there” – but insisted they were still “friendly”.

Tina noted there was “a lot of public drama around the pair”, adding that Rita “clearly knew this was not what she wanted and moved on”, hence why she later dismissed the relationship.

Callisto noted that resentment in a relationship can be caused by “lack of communication or respect for one another”.



Drake and Rita worked together in 2012 but it’s unclear if they ever datedCredit: Matrix Pictures

It was reported that Rita and Canadian hitmaker Drake had a “flirtatious relationship” in 2012 – but nothing official was ever confirmed.

She performed his song R.I.P which featured Tinie Tempah and was originally written for his ex-girlfriend Rihanna before she rejected it.

While the pair were romantically linked, Drake said they were “dear friends”.

He told KISS FM: “R.I.P is a song I originally wrote for Rihanna [but she] didn’t take the song… Rita expressed interest in it and anything I can do for Rita, I will do.”

Tina noted that it seemed Rita and Drake had “a strong physical connection” but it fizzled out as “emotionally they were in different places”.

Calvin Harris


Rita and Calvin Harris’ relationship appeared to turn sour after they split-upCredit: Getty – Contributor

Rita and Calvin Harris dated for a year after working together in 2013.

He took to Twitter to announce their split in a since-deleted post where he described her as “a beautiful, talented woman” and wished her “all the best”.

However, things took a turn when Rita claimed Calvin wouldn’t let her to use the songs they had worked on together without his permission.

Calvin disputed the claims on Twitter, writing: “You’ll only know one side of the story… I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life. But just know I had a damn reason.”

It’s claimed this was, in part, a hint that he wanted more privacy – believed to have been the driver of their split.

Tina said: “Maybe both parties here felt they weren’t being heard so this ended the relationship and that had a knock-on effect and caused work issues.”

Callisto added that working with your partner isn’t always easy as it can “interfere with communication and a relationship”.

Ricky Hil


Ricky Hil penned lyrics about his and Rita’s sex life, which caused a stirCredit: Gotcha Images Ltd

Rita dated Ricky Hill, the son of fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger, for 13 months from August 2014.

After their split, it’s believed he made a shady reference to Rita in his song Superman.

“Baby, you f*** me better than them other girls. Now I know I’m man enough to have you as my girl,” he rapped in the 2015 track. 

It’s also claimed a cartoon woman which featured in the music video for his song Walk Around Here was Rita.

Tina believes leaving Ricky was “the right decision” and pitied the backlash she received.

She said: “A scorned ex can sometimes make spiteful comments to mutual friends… while most people have to deal with Facebook comments she gets songs written and released about her.”

Callisto noted this type of response to a break-up was an example of “toxic traits that could or couldn’t be avoided”.

A$AP Rocky 


Rita fumed after A$AP Rocky referenced her in a song, which she thought was disrespectfulCredit: Getty

A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was linked to Rita in 2015 – before he took a low swipe at the singer in his song Better Things.

He rapped: “I swear that b***h Rita Ora got a big mouth; next time I see her might curse the b***h out.”

Later A$AP Rocky admitted the lyrics were “tasteless” but he “stood by” what he said, after being called out by Rita during a radio interview.

She told Hot 97: “I actually don’t care… But I don’t want people to think it’s ok to speak about women like that. I don’t care what you say about me. I don’t give a flying f***. I’m very happy with what I do, and I’m proud of who I am, and what I represent.”

Callisto felt the rapper’s response was classic of a “superficial connection” without emotional fulfilment or understanding that leads to a break of trust.

Tina agreed, noting trust as the main foundation of a relationship.

“A breach of that, especially with intimate details, was a low move,” she said. “It shows huge character flaws in the person that sunk that low. No wonder Rita is now with an older man who is more mature.”

Chris Brown


Rita and Chris Brown had saucy scenes together in his 2015 song Body On MeCredit: TNI Press Ltd

Romance rumours sparked about Rita and Chris Brown after they collaborated on his 2015 hit Body On Me.

The music video included steamy scenes between the pair and according to a source at the time, she “loved her sexual chemistry” with the rapper.

They told Hollywood Life: “Rita thinks Chris is insanely talented and totally hot, but they are better off as friends than lovers.”

Tina suspects they may have stoked the flames by teasing a romance on TV, appearing on the red carpet together and posting a picture with the word “Bae” before it was swiftly deleted.

“All the hype at the time likely helped single sales,” she said.

Travis Barker


Travis Barker described Rita as “stunning” but their relationship didn’t last longCredit: Instagram

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and Rita had a whirlwind romance in 2015 but it reportedly only lasted three weeks.

They met after he performed at a basketball game in Los Angeles, and started seeing each other shortly after.

He was asked to “take a picture” with Rita and said he was attracted to her because “obviously she’s stunning and she’s awesome”. 

Travis told the Daily Mirror that his commitment issues led to their split, admitting: “I don’t have that ­longing to be in a relationship 24/7.”

Tina explained that a relationship “will never work” if both parties are “not on the same page”, adding: “Travis knew early on it wasn’t right for him.”

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton and Rita were pictured together multiple times but no relationship was confirmedCredit: Getty – Contributor

Rita was linked to Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton after she was spotted supporting him at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2016.

Later, The Sun obtained photographs of them fooling around on holiday together in Montenegro and they also were pictured at a number of other events.

Lewis was quick to downplay the rumours, stating: “My love life is non-existent. I’m a workaholic, I simply don’t have time for it.”

Tina was unsure whether Lewis and Rita were a showmance or a summer fling.

She added: “This relationship for Rita could have been her own career decision as it makes good tabloid news and keeps her name in the spotlight.”

Andrew Garfield


Rita and Andrew Garfield’s relationship didn’t last longCredit: Splash News

Andrew Garfield and Rita only went on a “string of dates” but she was reportedly “heartbroken” by their split in 2018.

They shared a Christmas and were photographed walking around London together.

A source told The Sun they ended things because “he wanted to lead a more private life”, whereas Rita “lives her life in the spotlight”.

Tina said it was no wonder their relationship didn’t last because they were “complete opposites”.

“Andrew seems a shy and reserved person and Rita is very opinionated and confident. They were a clash of personalities,” she observed.

Andrew Watt 


Andrew Watt was blown away by Rita’s talent and the pair dated twiceCredit: Rex Features

Songwriter Andrew Watt, who penned Justin Bieber’s hit Let Me Love You, first dated Rita for just short of a year until 2017.

He was impressed by the singer’s talent, gushing: “I literally see her as, like, Janis Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald, Donna Summer.”

After Rita dated Andrew Garfield, the pair tried to rekindle their romance because they cared about each deeply.

A source told The Sun: “They know that what they have is the real deal… and it just seemed crazy to them to throw away what they had.”

It was claimed her time with Garfield “put things in perspective” for Rita – but it wasn’t meant to be with Watt either.

Tina explained that “busy work schedules are usually to blame” for the demise of a relationship, “even if you want them to work”.

She said: “Common goals and often interests will determine how far the relationship can go. Sometimes they just don’t work out and it’s neither partner’s fault.”

Taika Waititi


It could be love at last for Rita after finding Taika Waititi – and our relationship experts agreeCredit: Splash

It’s believed Rita and Taika met while he was filming the Marvel film Thor: Love And Thunder and she was a judge on The Voice Australia.

The couple, who allegedly started dating in March this year, have since posted a number of cute photographs together.

Rita broke her silence on the relationship in September when she told Australian Vogue: “I’m in a great place in my life, that’s all I’m going to say.”

Meanwhile Taika has apparently declared he will be her “first and last husband”.

Our experts are hopeful about this blossoming romance – with Tina noting that Rita seems “very smitten”.

She believes the star may be “ready to settle down” with someone who is “a calming influence”. 

“Most of her exes were younger and she was just as famous for her love life as she was for her music,” Tina said.

“There have been many dramas over the years and public spats with some of her exes and in complete contrast, she appears to want a private love life with Taika.

“In photos together they appear cosy and can’t keep their hands off each other. It will not surprise me if they announce an engagement soon.”

Observers have noticed that the pair share similar facial features too, which Tina says can lead to “a feeling of trust”.

“It is not unusual for couples to look alike; it is something that draws them together on an unconscious level,” she added.

Callisto believes Taika’s age may help their relationship as he is “more mature and stable” and appears to “fulfil her needs for understanding, communication, stability and familiarity”.

She added: “This looks like a promising relationship – it’ll be confirmed once she says yes!” 

Singer Rita Ora stunned fans in feather outfit at Paris Fashion week

Inside Rita Ora’s hectic love life from Lewis Hamilton fling to toxic splits- & why ‘calming’ Taika Waititi is ‘the one’ Source link Inside Rita Ora’s hectic love life from Lewis Hamilton fling to toxic splits- & why ‘calming’ Taika Waititi is ‘the one’

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