Inside Paddy McGuinness’s Christmas proposal and his accidental £ 12k birthday gesture for Christine

Her new autobiography contains many stories of broken hearts and sorrows, but delves into the difficult times of her life. Christine McGuinness Opened to some of the sweet moments she shared with her husband Paddy field..

One of them is her engagement on Christmas Eve 2010.

Looking back on that memory, Christine told the reader that when Paddy presented her with a Christmas card addressed to “my fiancé,” she was opening the present by the fire.

“And when I looked up, he was there with a stunning diamond ring on one knee,” wrote a 33-year-old woman.

“There was no big romantic speech. No,” You are my world, you are my life. “

Christine McGuinness talks about her husband Paddy’s romantic Christmas proposal.

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“But we’re not really a love-loving couple. He simply kept it in an old school,” Will you marry me? “

She continued: “I didn’t really expect it, but of course I was ecstatic and immediately said so.”

Six months later, the couple married in Cheshire’s stunning Thornton manners.

Christine and Paddy share three kids together

Christine and Paddy had never been on their honeymoon, but managed to escape for a couple’s hideout to Dubai during the seven months she was pregnant with her twins Penelope and Leo (now eight years old). I was able to.

Since it was Christine’s birthday on vacation, Paddy decided to plan a surprise with the help of Atlantis, The Palm Hotel Butler Bonks.

He gently arranged a trip to see the dolphins that Christine always wanted to do.

Christine and Paddy McGuinness have stylishly marked their 10th wedding anniversary
Christine and Paddy stylishly marked their 10th wedding anniversary earlier this year

Christine shares her ups and downs in her new autobiography

“We got there, and the place was abandoned, only Patrick and I,” she explained.

Explain the confused Christine, A person who recently opened up about her autism diagnosis, And added:

“And when he handed us the invoice, we staggered even more-I think it was like £ 12,000! I couldn’t afford it at the time.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that we haven’t returned since then,” she joked.

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Inside Paddy McGuinness's Christmas proposal and his accidental £ 12k birthday gesture for Christine

Source link Inside Paddy McGuinness's Christmas proposal and his accidental £ 12k birthday gesture for Christine

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