Inside Betty White’s incredible tenderness

Betty White’s kind deeds became apparent after her death.

Golden Girl Star – Whose Hollywood Career spanned almost 90 years- Was 99 years old Only a few weeks after she died on Friday, and from her 100th birthday on January 17th.


Betty White’s act of tenderness revealedCredit: Getty
Betty was a huge animal lover


Betty was a huge animal loverCredit: Rex
Betty White died on New Year's Eve


Betty White died on New Year’s EveCredit: Getty

Since her death, some of the kind heroic acts that the star has done in her long life are recirculating online.

One Twitter user going by name Just Darryl, Shared a story about how the star helped airline workers before she passed.

The user writes: “Whenever a celebrity dies, people always talk about how great they were, but that also applies to Betty White.

“My ex was a United flight attendant. When he was called to first class, he was working on a transcon from JFK to LAX. While he was preparing the galley, the passengers were him. Offered to help.

“Before he said anything, this woman picked up a coffee pot, went to the passengers and refilled the cup.

“She was having a conversation with them. She brought back the pot and they shared a laugh. The passenger was Betty White.”

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But this is not the only kind act the star has done in her 99 years.


When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 We, Betty anonymously donated to the Audubon Aquarium to help transport penguins and sea otters to another location.

After her death, the aquarium tweeted. “We lost conservationists, animal advocates, and friends. When penguins and sea otters evacuated.
[Monterey Aquarium] For Hurricane Katrina, Betty White paid for the plane to relocate them. She didn’t ask for fanfare. She just wanted to help.

“Thank you for being friends,” they added in the Golden Girls fashion.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium, where the animals were transported, also weighed after her death.

“Thanks to Betty, her endless passion for wildlife and her loving support for the aquarium’s marine conservation mission from day one,” they write.

“We look forward to continuing your legacy of care and compassion for our living planet. We are grateful that we were part of your wonderful life. “

Away from the spotlight, White was a pioneering animal rights activist, Los Angeles Zoo spends a lot of time protecting endangered species and improving animal condition.

Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA), a non-profit partner of the Los Angeles Zoo, paid tribute to White in a heartfelt statement on Monday. She started working at the zoo in 1966 and joined the GLAZA board in 1974.

“I am very sad to hear that Betty died this morning, and I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to my family and friends, mourning the loss of the true legend on and off the screen,” said Tom Jacob, President of GLAZA. Jacobson writes. ..

“We have been working with the Los Angeles Zoo Association for over 50 years. We thank her for her lasting friendship, lifelong advocacy for animals, and her tireless dedication to supporting our mission.”

“Champion” of all creatures

In his more than half a century of work with Graza, White helped create the 1974 television special “Behind the Zoo”. The special, which nonprofits called “revolutionary at the time,” white said, “Sending the Los Angeles Zoo to the homes of thousands of Angelenos and spotlighting the zoo’s world-class animal welfare team. increase.”

Denise M. Verett, CEO and Director of the Los Angeles Zoo, also praised White for her tireless efforts to support animals and the zoo.

“The legacy of Betty White Raden will have a lasting impact on all of us here at the Los Angeles Zoo,” Bellett said in a statement.

“She is a longtime champion, a friend of the LA Zoo, who defended us and helped expand the work we are doing to protect wildlife. She is me. I took great care of all the creatures, including us. Her loss leaves us a big hole in the heart. “

Bellett continued. “The LA Zoo can’t thank Betty for decades of support. We share this grief with you. No one really is like her.”

The LA Zoo used to name at least one animal after White.

In 2012, New Balk’s orangutans Cleveland hot white character, Elkaostrovsky.

Six years ago, White was honored for his lifelong animal welfare activities as the “Animal Ambassador” of the City of Los Angeles.

She was also later appointed as an Honorary Zookeeper by the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Zookeepers Association.

Star died on New Year’s Eve

Betty White died to her Los Angeles Go home early on Friday morning at the age of 99.

According to sources near the stars, she had no illness and was not fighting any particular illness. She is believed to have died from a natural cause.

Her agent and friend Jeff Witchas said in a statement: Man: “Nevertheless Betty I was about to turn 100, so I thought she would live forever.

“I will miss her terribly, and so will the animal world she loved so much. I don’t think I was afraid of Betty passing by She always wanted to be with her beloved husband, Allen Luden. She believed she was with him again. ”

Fans Beloved actress We have paid tribute to thousands of White Online in the last 24 hours.

Her star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame also captivated a large number of people, leaving candles, flowers, cards and stuffed animals for the mourners.

She was 99 years old when she died


She was 99 years old when she diedCredit: Getty
Betty White dies at age 99: celebrities and fans pay homage to American icons, the legendary Golden Girls actress dies

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Inside Betty White’s incredible tenderness

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