Inside a snow-covered escape as Dani Dyer shoots a secret project in Austria

DANI Dyer brought fashion to the ski resort while filming a secret project in Austria.

The TV star looked fascinating with her top secret project in a bright blue ski suit with striking yellow and pink details.


Dani Dyer rocked a bright blue ski suit on a business trip to AustriaCredit: Instagram

Dani wore long blonde hair rippling over her shoulders and kept her head warm with a dusty pink beanie.

She posed in an open ski area surrounded by snow and green trees and marveled at the opportunity to work in such a wonderful place.

“I didn’t expect to shoot in the snow 😂🎥✨,” she added a caption to her Instagram post.

Dani also posted a selfie and a video on her Instagram story showing off the beautiful surroundings of her photography.

She wore a jumpsuit, looked at a professional skier, and had ski poles in another photo.

Her fascinating business trip is after her father, Danny Dyer, advised West Ham’s ace boyfriend, Jarrod Bowen, to propose.

In the latest episode of the podcast Sort by Dears, The father and daughter duo talked about marriage.

Recently drawn together ticks Jarrod, 24 years old, for the first timeI love the idea of ​​becoming a married woman if she is convinced she has found it.

She said. “I believe in marriage. It’s true.”

It urged 44-year-old Daddy to think about his marriage to his wife, Joe Mas.

He explained: “Well, all you have to remember was your mother and me. We’ve been together since the 90’s.

“We got together when we were 13 or 14, so we should have returned to 1992, but after that we didn’t get married until 2016.”

The actor said a troubled relationship with his own parents may have prevented him from tying a knot sooner.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I came from a broken house,” he continued. People did not divorce, and people continued their loveless marriage.

“My old man was not the greatest person in the family. I love him from the bottom of my heart. We are us as humans, but some people have been cut out for it. not.

“They did the classics, got married very young, banged me, and then it was all terribly wrong.”

But the traditionalist tick is so far very special and enthusiastic about being thought out.

She continued. “I love the idea of ​​getting married and sharing a surname. It’s the ultimate commitment to each other.

“I can’t wait to get married.”

The relationship certainly has a seal of approval from West Ham’s Super Fundany.

She said earlier: “My dad thinks Jarod is a nice guy. He invests in every player in West Ham. He supports the team and follows some players. Because they do, they say, “They are all my friends.” I say: “Yes, OK, dad.”

“But he’s always been a big fan of football. As soon as Santi was born, West Ham’s baby gloss came from Grandpa.

“In fact, that was the first thing everyone bought me. I thought,” I need a vest. Can anyone bring me a diaper? ” “

Dani won Love Island in 2018 with his boyfriend at the time Jack Fincham, 30, but the romance did not last, and the couple split the following year.

She then rekindled her romance with her childhood friend Sammy Kimens, 25, and gave birth to a baby with him.

But six months after her son Santiago was born, her world collapsed. He was convicted of putting two pensioners in a pinch Of the £ 34,000, he was imprisoned for three and a half years.

TV star is filming a top secret project in a snow-covered local


TV star is filming a top secret project in a snow-covered localCredit: Instagram
Dani himself couldn't believe she could


Dani himself couldn’t believe she could “shoot a movie in the snow.”Credit: Instagram
Love Island star Dani Dyer said he laid three stones after having his son Santiago.

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Inside a snow-covered escape as Dani Dyer shoots a secret project in Austria

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