Innovative farm drones to be manufactured after successful college trials –

AN INNOVATION plans to manufacture drones that will revolutionize sustainable farming in Wales following successful trials at Cambria College Llysfasi.

The ‘Green Eagle’ drone was able to identify weeds and issues on the ground before targeting them with pesticides, saving time and money and providing a carbon neutral alternative to current methods.

Led by Anglesey-based M-SParc in partnership with tenants AerialWorx and Fortytwoable – who built the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) model – and BIC Innovation, Ambition North Wales supported the project.

Dewi Jones, Farm Manager at Cambria Llysfasi College, said: “I have been delighted to see the progress made in the production and adaptation of the Green Eagle over the relatively short time we have been working with the partners.

“It is now an advanced piece of equipment that can do what the project was intended to do at the beginning, showing exactly what can be achieved when forward thinking people from different backgrounds and disciplines work on ideas and on new concepts that come together to form. new product.”

He added: “The current and future potential applications for Green Eagle in agriculture are wide and varied and I wish the companies every success as they take their achievements and ideas forward in a world that will, no doubt, which will require a productive and fruitful life. sustainable farming an industry suited to the challenges and opportunities of the 21stSt century.”

M-SParc revealed that recommendations are in place to move to phase three following the success of the trials.

A spokesperson said: “This is a great example of tenant collaboration and Fortytwoable and BIC Innovation are now working on a commercialization plan given that Fortytwoable has identified a new commercial opportunity as a direct result of this project.”

Dyfed Morgan, Life Cycle Assessment Officer and Sustainability Champion at M-SParc, said: “As part of our work we carried out a Life Cycle Assessment to investigate the environmental impacts and footprint of each stage of the project.

“The result of our assessment showed that the embodied carbon emitted by the drones is 131 times lower over its lifetime than a traditional tractor to do the same work, which reinforces the merits of this project in terms of carbon footprint.”

Robyn Lovelock, North Wales Growth Deal’s agri-food and tourism program manager, said: “The Green Eagle was one of three fantastic agricultural initiatives we were delighted to deliver with Cambria College through the British Government’s Decarbonisation Business Research Innovation Programme. Big. Challenge.

“Based in Llysfasi, these new systems will be further developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector and provide much needed support for the transition to decarbonisation.

“We look forward to seeing how these projects develop in the future and we feel confident how they will help the agricultural sector in the region.”

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Innovative farm drones to be manufactured after successful college trials –

Source link Innovative farm drones to be manufactured after successful college trials –

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