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Innovations for the hospitality industry

Tourism is a global major industry which generated an estimated of US$ 3.5 trillion during pre-pandemic and it is now showing clear signs of recovery. While experts are now predicting a complete recovery in the sector by 2024, touristic providers are already feeling they are back and business.

With a promising forecast, those who provide touristic services are now prompted to improve their facilities in order to provide the best service to their customers.

Technology has already shown its capacity to create revolutions in the touristic sector. A clear example of how innovation can impact a business are the applications that easily allow travelers to book accommodation in an easy and straightforward way.

Nowadays, technological innovation has taken a step forward in developing new tools that can really make the difference in managing a touristic business.

Check in and check out processes

Many virtual booking services have been developed creating a revolution among the touristic sector. Thanks to technology, in these days, you can easily look for the best accommodation for you in almost any destination in the world, whether it is a hotel, a hostel or a homestay. Furthermore, you can book the perfect accommodation for you from the comfort of your home, with a simple click.

Now innovation has taken a step forward developing Vikey, a solution that allows hosts to remotely perform check in and check out processes with an advanced hotel lock door system. Thanks to Vikey it is no longer necessary to coordinate with your clients in order to let them in and out the facility. Instead, through a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you can remotely open your facility door to allow your client in without any bureaucracy at all.

Payments and ID control is done through an application that allows your guests to easily get in and out the facility without performing any procedure and avoiding waiting times.

How does Vikey works?

Vikey is a technology that automates hospitality related tasks, such as check in and check out bureaucracy and key delivery. All the processes are done remotely, avoiding paperwork and waiting time.

Through Vikey you can remotely manage your accommodation, whether it is an apartment, a room, a hotel or a b&b. Through a central hub, you can make your accommodation smart, allowing you to fully manage it remotely.

Vikey only requires you to install an electronic lock which will allow you to automate the opening of doors through a web app. Also, you can install a domotic device that will help you control all your electronic devices to save energy and turn everything off after the guest is gone.

Developed during pandemic to provide solutions for the touristic sector, Vikey has grown as a strategic innovation for hosts in a now promising context that requires a new approach to simplify bureaucratic processes and customer experience.

Furthermore, through Vikey, hosts can improve their management, saving time and money and allowing them to take last-minute reservations, which will immediately impact occupancy rates


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