Influencer El Derby apologizes after a vulgar “racist” tweet has caused fan backlash

Influencer El Derby has announced a terrible apology after her sneaky racist tweets resurfaced-causing a fierce backlash from her fans.

After a series of “shameful” old messages came to light, the 26-year-old mother apologized to 770,000 Instagram followers, where she insulted various minority groups and used racial slurs. ..


Lifestyle and family bloggers were forced to apologize after “shameful” old tweets came to lightCredit: Instagram


Influencers called them “foreigners” and “meatheads,” and said they “dislike Poles and Indians.”Credit: Instagram


26-year-old El Derby and her fiancé Connor Swift said they were “embarrassed” in a nasty comment 10 years ago.Credit: Instagram

Ell, who shares her family’s Vlog and lifestyle videos on YouTube, was forced to deal with the racist and mean tweets she wrote as a teenager.

The mother created a backlash to offend various ethnic groups, such as calling “foreigners” “groaning” and “meetheads.”

An influencer with more than 600,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel was ashamed of past tweets and said, “I want to take responsibility for my actions.”

In a tweet that resurfaced in 2011, influencers wrote:

Another person of the same year read, “Why are foreigners following me? I don’t speak your growl, flesh head.”

And in one-third, British influencers wrote:

Elle also said, “I really miss my laptop. I hope the Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Effin charger will hurry. Come to ch *** s and you’re upset me.” arrested.

Another reading: “This bus sweats and gives off the stench of Indians.”

In other tweets, influencers wrote harmful comments that hate fat, such as the use of n-words and hints of animal cruelty.

The mean words written 10 years ago resurfaced during the Christmas holidays and caused anger online.

Tired fans used social media-and also pointed out that her fiancé Connor Swift’s old account contained similar hateful and racist language.

Since then, the couple have apologized for the tweet-they have said they themselves are “beyond anger.”

Taking Instagram up, the couple wrote: “Christmas and New Year are traditionally retrospectives, so we decided to look at both social history.

“We are ashamed to admit that we didn’t like what we found.

“The two of us were shocked, surprised, and devastated, especially by some of the languages ​​used in very old tweets over a decade ago.

“We all feel that we must be responsible for our mistakes and for our actions, especially those that are not leading us to the best of our ability.”


In other tweets, influencers wrote fat-hating and harmful comments, including the use of N-words.Credit: Instagram


YouTuber, which has more than 600,000 subscribers, said he was ashamed of past tweets.Credit: Instagram


Mom moaned and apologizedCredit: Instagram

“These comments do not reflect who one of us was as a grown-up adult, or who we were when they were created, and are consistent with our position. not.

“We go beyond being angry with ourselves and are ashamed that our actions will harm some of you who have long supported our family.

“We just ask for your forgiveness.”

But fans were still fed up with historic tweets-Derby says he should have known better.

Others have said that the vast amount of horrifying content was “shocking and disappointing.”

One angry follower said, “I’m very sorry that she didn’t tweet one or two without thinking, but literally hundreds of shocking tweets.”

Another wrote, “She was so old that she didn’t say such a nasty thing because of her age. It’s not just a tweet. It’s not okay.”

And the third said, “I’m really stunned,” and another wrote, “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

We asked Elle’s management, Gleam Futures, for comment.


Influencers faced fierce opposition to racist and racist commentsCredit: Instagram


Ell was forced to apologize for past tweetsCredit: Instagram


Elle and Connor are parents-and record their family life onlineCredit: Instagram


They told the fans, “We just wish you forgiveness.”Credit: Instagram
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Influencer El Derby apologizes after a vulgar “racist” tweet has caused fan backlash

Source link Influencer El Derby apologizes after a vulgar “racist” tweet has caused fan backlash

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