Indian police pretend to throw people into a van with “Covid patient”

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Indian police officers have thrown two curfew on a van where another police officer was pretending to be a sick coronavirus patient.

Asian countries are suffering from a terrifying second wave of coronavirus that is ruining the country and destroying its health care system. There is no national blockade, but many states and coalitions have their own restrictions.

Madhya Pradesh’s Mandola is part of a country that enforces curfew to prevent people from spreading the disease while on the go.

There was footage of police in the district trying to scare people and stay home by pushing them into a van with a fake Covid-19 patient.

The video shows a student being questioned by Mike, a policeman talking to him at a local outlet. Free press journal report.

After all, the policeman was dissatisfied with the excuses for going out of the students and said: Then take him out of town. ”

A pair of policemen wearing full PPE begins to force a young man behind the ambulance while he struggles to get out and begs to let go.

The man is bundled in an ambulance with another police officer lying down, pretending to be a person carrying the coronavirus.

Next, a policeman in a hazmat suit turns around to grab another man, and the student takes advantage of the opportunity to escape.

The man begged to let go and promised not to leave the house in the end (Photo: Jam Press)
Another police officer was lying in the ambulance, pretending to be a person with the coronavirus (Photo: Jam Press).

However, he arrived just a few steps away from the ambulance before police caught him and pushed him back into the ambulance.

With both men in the car, police officers close the door and make them believe they are trapped in a small space with someone who has the virus.

All the while, the policeman with the microphone keeps talking into the microphone to make sure everyone around him knows the “results” of breaking the curfew.

One of the men begs the policeman and promises not to go out again.

Eventually they were taken out of the van and the “patient” inside was simply said to be a healthy officer.

Yashpal Singh Rajput, the director of Mandla police, told the FPJ: We understand that the people coming out of the house are not hard-line criminals, but they need to be taught about the dreaded virus. also contacted Mandla police for comment.

This is not the first time Indian police have adopted such measures.

The Tiruppur police station in Tamil Nadu released a staged video last April showing violators of the blockade rule being pushed into an ambulance with a coronavirus patient.

But everyone, including those who “break the blockade,” was playing for the video.

Another video showed that other departments had young people write, “I don’t leave home unnecessarily.”

That’s because Indian doctors say many of them Patients now and “recovered” have been diagnosed with the black fungus zygomycosis..

A dangerous condition that can rot the patient’s organs is found in coronavirus patients who have recovered more than five times as much as before the pandemic.

India currently has the second highest number of positive cases in the world at 22,992,517 and the third highest number of coronavirus-related deaths at 249,992.

Experts believe that these numbers are actually much higher.

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Indian police pretend to throw people into a van with "Covid patient"

Source link Indian police pretend to throw people into a van with "Covid patient"

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