Indian girl “beaten and hanged by family” for wearing jeans

Neha Paswan, 17, was found hanged from a bridge after her relatives pretended to take her to the hospital (Photo: Rajesh Ariya).

A teenage girl was allegedly beaten by relatives and hanged from a bridge for wearing jeans during a religious ceremony in India.

According to her sad mother, Shakuntala Devi Paswan, 17-year-old Neha Paswan was barbarically beaten by her grandfather and uncle after she defended her clothing choices.

Ms. Paswan claims that her wife-in-law pretended to take Neha to the hospital after she lost consciousness, but instead took the girl to a nearby river where she was hanged.

Local police will prosecute 10 people for murder and destruction of evidence.

They reportedly include Neha’s grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousin, and rickshaw driver who helped drive her out of the beating scene.

Grandparents, one uncle, and driver have been arrested and the rest are hunted.

Neha’s mother told the BBC: In the evening, she wore jeans and tops and performed the ceremony.

“When my grandparents objected to her outfit, Neha argued that jeans were made to be worn and she would wear them.”

The Gandaki River runs through rural India, where activists say domestic violence is widespread (Photo: Getty).

The debate boiled and became violent, after which the mother claimed that her grandparents called a three-wheeled taxi and took her to the hospital.

She added: “They didn’t let me accompany me, so I went to the district hospital looking for her but warned my relatives who couldn’t find her.”

The next morning, she was horrified to hear the girl’s body hanging from a bridge over a local river, noticing that it belonged to her daughter.

Ms. Paswan said her step-in-law had pressured Neha to leave school and regularly beat her for wearing Western clothing.

Indian activists have warned against unidentified violence against women and girls by relatives, especially in rural areas.

Last month, police said a 20-year-old woman in neighboring Madhya Pradesh was beaten by her father and male cousin in an attempt to escape from her “abuse” couple’s home.

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Indian girl "beaten and hanged by family" for wearing jeans

Source link Indian girl "beaten and hanged by family" for wearing jeans

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