India: Fish rain from the sky in bizarre weather phenomenon after monsoon

It rains fish in India after the monsoon (Image: Twitter / @ KP_Aashish)

Villagers in India have been shocked by a string of unusual rainfall after recent monsoons caused fish to rain from the air.

Authorities in Telegana have issued a red warning for twelve districts over the next five days, as severe floods have affected millions of people.

National highways are flooded, which has caused problems for emergency services trying to reach devastated villages and towns.

Yet the most bizarre incident of all happened last weekend, when in the aftermath of a heavy downpour the spectators were shocked to discover a sea of ​​fish that covered the roads and streets, apb reported.

Even more shocking was the fact that many of them were still alive, and were fluttering in the street after being swept away by the monsoon miles away from the sea.

One witness, who shared a video of the event on Twitter, said: ‘Amid heavy rainfall in Telangana, the people of the city of Jagtial were witnessing something unique.

‘People from Sai Nagar in Jagtial town were awakened by a surprise on Friday and Saturday when they found fish’ raining ‘from the air.’

He added: ‘Rainy fish is a rare weather phenomenon called’ rain of animals ‘that occurs when small aquatic animals such as frogs, crabs and small fish are swept into water holes.’

The video shows a number of residents risking their lives to pick up the fish and collect it in piles.

At one point, a man is heard saying, “One of the fish farms must have broken open, and there are hundreds and hundreds of fish blown ashore, and these people are picking up the fish here in the middle of the street. ”

India is currently in the midst of the worst monsoon season in years, claiming the lives of more than 130 people, CNN reports

Just days earlier, Jagtial residents Mohammad Shafi and his son Abdul Rashid were killed after their car was hit by a sudden landslide while driving home.

Millions have been displaced in what appears to be India’s worst monsoon season since 2005, resulting in more than 700 casualties and mass displacement.

Dams have apparently been opened in some places to reduce the pressure on cities amid fears that further downpours may be on the way.

Amit Prakash Yadav, Regional Commissioner of Municipalities, said: ‘Keeping in mind the rising water levels and safety, the national highway from Ahmedabad to Mumbai has been closed.

“We will open the highway when the water level drops.”

India’s monsoon season typically lasts from June to September, and usually begins to recede in early October.

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India: Fish rain from the sky in bizarre weather phenomenon after monsoon

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