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India և UK Commit to Cyber ​​Partnership for 2030 Vision

New Delhi [India]April 23 (ANI). India և The United Kingdom on Friday reaffirmed its commitment to the 2030 Vision Partnership for an open, accessible, peaceful cyberspace that will bring more security to the Indo-Pacific area.

“Through cyberspace, there is a digital living bridge that allows our citizens, students, businesses, businesses to communicate, to contribute to our overall prosperity. “When we take advantage of the new opportunities it has created, we must also protect ourselves from emerging threats.” The joint statement of Great Britain after the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson.

In May 2021, Prime Minister Modin and Prime Minister Johnson agreed on an expanded Cyber ​​Security Partnership. Today, India and the United Kingdom are outlining their commitment to a joint partnership program that will ensure this partnership focuses on cyber governance, containment, and resilience.

According to the joint statement, the international rule based on rules should be maintained online, as it is offline.

India and the United Kingdom have expressed concern over the willingness of States and their proxies to engage in malicious cyber activities that violate the rules of public conduct in cyberspace. “We will deepen coordination of progressive mitigation strategies against progressive threats, such as cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.” security and stability, as reaffirmed by the 2021 report of the Sixth Group of UN Government Experts on Developing the Behavior of a Responsible State in Cyberspace in the Context of International Security. international security. “

“We call attention to norms prohibiting the use of cyber tools to intentionally damage or damage potential infrastructure, համապատասխան responding to requests from States to mitigate harmful ICT activities aimed at critical infrastructure of another state within their territory,” the statement said. .

The two countries pledged to work within the framework of the UN to develop a comprehensive international convention to combat the use of ICT by criminals, to enhance international cooperation in the prevention, mitigation, prosecution and investigation of cybercrime, and to ensure their speedy justice for victims of cybercrime. consider the need for appropriate safeguards, including data protection.

“India and the United Kingdom are working closely together on the International Counter Ransomware Initiative,” the MEA said in a statement.

India and the United Kingdom have said they will work together to increase their mutual cyber resilience by embracing a holistic, whole-world approach.

“We will complete joint work to identify common vulnerabilities, to promote effective public-private partnerships, to ensure that systems design and deployment decisions take into account public safety protection, and to raise public awareness and capacity of infrastructure owners. “Increase resistance to harmful cyber activity,” they said.

Both countries said they would continue to work closely with industry’s international standards organizations to ensure that Internet-connected devices are securely designed. We will support efforts to increase the accessibility and diversity of cyber skills in our workforce, to foster people և educational connections, to raise awareness in cyberspace.

They also realized that governments could not meet the challenges of the digital age alone; that the private sector could play a key role in developing and implementing new technologies, as well as in data management.

“We will work with industry to take responsibility, improve online security, protect users online by working with multi-stakeholders. We will continue to work closely with digital service providers, social media and telecommunications companies to encourage collaboration for security. “In the services they offer, while ensuring the protection of users’ privacy, their cooperation with relevant government agencies, especially in connection with the introduction of 5G և 6G technologies,” he added. (ANI)

India և UK Commit to Cyber ​​Partnership for 2030 Vision

SourceIndia և UK Commit to Cyber ​​Partnership for 2030 Vision

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