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A year after being described by NHS England CEO Simon Stevens as “the biggest public health emergency in NHS history,” medical services have just begun the process of picking themselves up after the coronavirus.

There are over 120,000 dead and many more Man Suffering from long-term complications DisabilityThe full consequences of the virus may not be fully revealed in the months or years to come.

This will be one of the biggest public policy challenges after the war. government Facing

And beyond Covid, pandemics have affected cancer treatment, waiting times, community health care, and mental health services.

Independent The Weekly Health Check Newsletter not only aims to graph all these major developments in post-Covid recovery, but also keeps you up to date with the latest research across health and social care situations. aims for.

As with the NHS, politics is by no means far away, and Boris Johnson’s government plans a radical reform of health services in late 2021.

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Health was the number one issue for British voters heading to polls in 2019, even before no one in the UK had heard of Wuhan’s fresh market. 50,000 nursing labor force by 2024.

Is the promised social care reform on the steps of Downing Street realized and worth the wait?

The NHS long-term plan, agreed in 2018, looks at recovery after the coronavirus and requires urgent renewal. In the UK alone, the waiting list has reached record levels and currently 4.6 million people are waiting for treatment. This is the highest number since the record began in August 2007.

By December 2020, about 250,000 people had been waiting for treatment for over a year.

How does the NHS reduce these waiting lists by reducing the number of nurses, doctors and beds per capita compared to most major developed countries?

After a decade of austerity, the UK saw unprecedented declines in health standards and widening gaps between the rich and the poor. Covid took advantage of these gaps and helped widen them. Can I close them?

These questions are just a few of the issues facing the NHS and the UK Government.

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Independent Health Check Newsletter: Sign up for weekly updates from Shaun Lintern

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