In the life of Emerdale star James Hutong

He is one of the country’s most beloved soap actors, who has played Sam Dingle in Emmerdale for 26 years.

But in reality James Hutong It’s a different world from his unfortunate alter ego, with lots of strong opinions and interesting hobbies.


James Hutong as Sam DingleCredit: AMY BRAMMALL
Fiancé Nancy and James


Fiancé Nancy and JamesCredit: Getty

Here, let’s take a look at the man behind the character.

Mr. Muscle

In Dale’s, James is often covered with a sloppy coat or long-sleeved top.

That’s why fans were surprised to see the person carved below in a shirtless Instagram post.

James’s striking physique is refined by his love of rock climbing. Rock climbing often shares their videos on social media.

The actor scaled the rock surface arrangement, sometimes throwing away the rope and doing free climbing.

He loves to take in the beautiful views of Yorkshire after conquering the mountaineering.

Home-owned man

James is a devoted father to his two daughters, Avalose and Lily, and enjoys family outings and fun days at home.

He has been engaged to the girl’s mom Nancy since 2010, and she was recently seen when her family visited London for afternoon tea in the iconic Walkie-Talkie building.

His blissful family life is in stark contrast to that of Sam Dingle. The misfortune of a young man in a land of love experienced tragedy when his first wife, Alice, died after the battle for cancer.

A few years later, when Ukrainian immigrant Olena tricked him into urging him to report her to border control, his heart broke and she was deported.

It’s a conspiracy

No one can claim that James is a fencesitter, no matter what your thoughts on his view.

This week he shared a video of Professor Richard Werner. In this video, scholars claim that the Bank of England created a microchip that could be embedded under people’s skin to give them access to money.

The 2018 video featuring the German economist 54 years old was first shared on a microblogging site last October.

James retweets the clip and writes:

“Here he summarizes why he needs a decentralized bank rather than a centralized one.”

It was two months after he compared the British government’s Covid-19 jab deployment with the Nazi party.

The actor accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet and compared it to George Orwell’s 1984 totalitarian leader, Big Brother.

James previously claimed that his immune system and vitamin intake were sufficient to help him fight the deadly illness.

home Sweet Home

He may be most happy with the great outdoors, but when you’re not exploring Dale’s, you can find yourself relaxing in a cozy home.

A few years ago Christmas, the star shared a snap of his two trees. It also gave fans a glimpse of his gorgeous purple sofa, large fireplace, and wall-mounted terry.

The house has a lush lawn garden with views of the valley and nearby cows.

James as a muscular physique


James as a muscular physiqueCredit: Jamhoot / Twitter
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In the life of Emerdale star James Hutong

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