In the fascinating life of Dua Lipa’s sister Lina as a “Gen ZIt Girl” model at a party with the Game of Thrones star and Hadid

The worldwide fame of pop superstar Dua Lipa is challenged by her look-alike sister.

Beauty Lina modeling After working with some of the world’s top fashion brands, you are welcomed as an it girl.


Lina Lipa is welcomed as an it girl after working with some of the world’s top fashion brandsCredit: Mega
Lina, 20, admits that she


Lina, 20, admits that she “worshiped” Dua, 26, because she was a child.

Her celebrity companions include supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid. Some compare Lipas to the turmoil of the Kardashian family, a connected entertainment clan.

20-year-old Lina admits that 26-year-old Dua “worshiped” because she was a child.

She said. “I try to dress like her, I steal her clothes.” “When I wear them, I will feel old. It’s still like that. I go through her closet and say, “Well, you haven’t worn it for a while.” She is like, “Oh God, get it back.” “

But now, Lina is opening up her own style and reputation as a Generation Z influencer.

She described her clothes as “extra”, meaning above, and brands such as Prada and Nasty Gal were keen to snap her.

In February, Lina made her catwalk debut at Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams at Milan Fashion Week at GCDS, an Italian luxury streetwear company.

Her sister also made a model before she found her musical fame.

But unlike Dua, who earned £ 22m last year on a chart-top hit, she’s acting to Lina’s attention.

She states: “Performance, on stage, in front of the camera. I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

While studying for her A level, Lina attended a weekend class at Sylvia Young Theater School. Its ex-students include 90’s pop stars Billie Piper and Louise Redup, and Spice Girls Emma Bunton.

And now, Lina is playing a role in the next horror film directed by the Italian filmmaker genre Izi Carrera.

She states: “This is my first major project.” I was in front of so many great casting directors, but now it’s finally real. “

They don’t meet each other often, but Lina says she and Dua Facetime are “always about everything.”

“When she’s here, we just sit on the couch and spend our sister’s time,” she added.

Lina also has many celebrity companions such as Bella and Gigi Hadid.

Two-year relationship between Dua and his brother Anwar — Recently, I’ve been nervous because of career pressure.

Sisters and their 15-year-old brother Gjin, an ambitious music producer, hang out with Hadid on a regular basis.

However, despite Lina’s glamorous life, Starlet remains grounded. She lived in a house share in London and celebrated her birthday at Soho Farmhouse with an old school friend who knew her before she gained fame.

She spent a blockade with her “best friend” Dua at her parents’ home in Killburn, north London, saying she hadn’t seen “how long God knew”.

Lina said: “When we are at home, we still have to put down the table and help with the washing.”

FLED Conflict

It was this modest upbringing that helped Dua and Lina take the lead. Born in the UK to Kosovo, an Albanian parent who escaped conflict and political unrest on the Balkan Peninsula, the Lipa brothers spent their childhood in the UK.

Prior to leaving Kosovo, his father, Dukagjin, was trained to become a dentist and his mother, Anesa, to become a lawyer, but he gave up his profession in search of a safe place to raise his family. ..

They settled in Hampstead, North London, and to make money, the couple picked up a job waiting for a table in a cafe or bar.

Dukagjin, who once sang in a rock band, took evening classes in business and Anesa retrained in travel and tourism.

Dua said: “I’ve seen my parents work every day of my life. They were in school while I was in school.”

And Lina said. “Through my childhood, they didn’t push me in the direction they wanted.

“They didn’t have a specific path set for me. Just’What do you want to do? OK — How can I help you?'”

When Lina was six, her family returned to Pristina, Kosovo, after Du Kagjin, who had completed her business course, was offered a job as a marketing manager.

Lina said: “My parents spoke Albanian, so I didn’t have to learn a language.

“It was more of a problem for my sister. She could speak it, but she couldn’t read or write it.”

Three years later, when Dua was 15, she asked her parents for permission to return to London. She believed she needed to return to London to become a successful singer.


Lina said: “She was young, but mature and ready. My parents didn’t let her go easily — it was all done in a very controlled way.

“She had to go back at a certain time and lived with a family friend. But it was hard. I missed her. She worked very hard. I really did she. I respected, and I will do so to this day. “

In 2015, the family finally reunited with Dua when they returned to London.
However, by the time Lina reached the A level two years later, Dua had created a worldwide sensation.

She has released her self-titled debut studio album. Her sixth single, New Rules, released a month later, became her first UK number one.

Her best-selling single to date, the song is also ranked in the top 10 around the world, including Australia, Canada and the United States.

Dua was the UK’s most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2017. And the following year, at just 22 years old, she became the first female artist to be nominated for five Brit Awards, winning two of them.

But that wasn’t the only prize. Her 2018 single “One Kiss with Calvin Harris” ranked first in the UK and won the 2019 Brit Awards of the Year.

Last March, Dua released his second album, “Future Nostalgia,” which surpassed the charts in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom. She has also won three Grammy Awards and one American Music Award.

And Dua, now worth £ 36 million, was finally able to buy a home for their parents for them.

She even made their dad a viral sensation after taking him as her date to many award-winning shows.

When she attended the 2019 Brit Awards with her family, host Jack Whitehall declared, “He’s the coolest dad.”

Fans who saw Dukagjin on bash tracked his Instagram account and gained 180,000 followers.

So, seeing her sister and father dominate the industry, Lina knows that taking the next step is not just Lipa’s faith.

Prior to leaving Kosovo, his father, Dukagjin, was trained to become a dentist, and his mother, Anessa, was a lawyer.


Prior to leaving Kosovo, his father, Dukagjin, was trained to become a dentist, and his mother, Anessa, was a lawyer.Credit: AFP
Unlike Dua, who earned £ 22m last year on a chart-top hit, it's an interesting performance for Lina.


Unlike Dua, who earned £ 22m last year on a chart-top hit, it’s an interesting performance for Lina.Credit: Rex

Bright young

It’s not just Lina’s marking. This is another new Gen Z star. .. ..

Maddie Ziegler (net worth £ 3.7 million, followers 13.6 million)

It became famous in 2014 after dancing with Shia LaBeouf and Sia’s music video for chandeliers and Elastic Heart. At the age of 19, she entered modeling and fashion design.

Eitan Bernath (net worth unknown, 6 million followers)

A 19-year-old Tik Tok star from New Jersey became famous for his short cooking video. He regularly appears on television and his first cookbook, Eitan Eats The World, will be published in May.

Holly Humberstone (net worth unknown, 134,000 followers)

This year’s Rising Star Brit Award winner, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Grantham, Lincolnshire, has delivered over 40 million streams on her hit “Falling Asleep At The Wheel.”

Selah Marley (net worth £ 1.5 million, 172,000 followers)

The reggae icon Bob Marley’s granddaughter and the eight-time Grammy-winning daughter of Lauryn Hill are modeled after Chanel and Beyonce’s Ivy Park line. 23-year-old Serra is now building her career on rap.

soccer player
Jobe Bellingham (net worth unknown, 157,000 followers)

JOBE is the brother of Jude, an inland star and Borussia Dortmund player. This 16-year-old is already restricted to levels under the age of 17 in England and is the scorer for the Birmingham youth team.

The Brit Award-winning Dua Lipa starred in the 2013 re-appearing X Factor ad at just 17 years old.

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In the fascinating life of Dua Lipa’s sister Lina as a “Gen ZIt Girl” model at a party with the Game of Thrones star and Hadid

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