In-Stream Advertisements are a Powerful Way for Businesses to Reach a Worldwide Audience

There are many ways that a business can advertise on a streaming platform. One popular method would be to do this through in-stream ads. These are short ads that appear before, after or even during a streamed video. Through this, businesses can target specific audiences based on gender, age and interests. Another option would be for businesses to create their own content and then stream it. This approach is more expensive but gives businesses the chance to create highly relevant content for their audience.

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Digital Content Providers are Constantly Expanding their Offerings

As a result of high competition, digital content providers are having to constantly expand their offerings. If you go to play online blackjack at Paddy Power, you’ll notice that there isn’t just one game available. There are over 25 variants, including Cashback Blackjack and All Bets Blackjack. The same applies to Netflix. They don’t just have a few murder mystery shows, they have a full category of content for people to choose from. High competition is driving companies to create more content, and this is great for businesses that want to advertise through in-stream ads. Businesses can offer advertisements that relate to the demographic of the user who’s likely to be watching. In addition to major players, smaller streaming services are also catering to niche audiences. You have Shudder for horror enthusiasts, for example. With millions of people tuning in to watch shows every single day, businesses need to be utilising this as a way to enhance their brand awareness, especially going into 2024.

Ad-Supported Tiers Are Becoming the Norm

Streaming companies know how important ads are for businesses and for their own bottom line. In 2023, Netflix introduced ad-supported tiers. This allows advertisers to target audiences based on numerous targeting criteria, giving users the chance to pay less while being shown ads. YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Hulu adopted the plan some time ago, and it’s already benefited businesses around the world.

These services provide access to TV shows, movies, and other subscription video content that viewers can watch on their TVs, computers, or mobile devices, without traditional cable or satellite TV service. OTT advertisements tend to offer numerous benefits, including measurable results with detailed analytics. They are also cheaper than linear television advertising, making it a prime solution for start-ups as they can purchase advertising space much more effectively. Lastly, OTT ads offer flexibility. Advertisers can quickly adjust video advertisement campaigns in response to the changing market.

In-stream ads are still relatively new, and it does present some unique challenges for advertisers. They need to learn how to navigate a fragmented marketplace to ensure that their ads are delivered in both a safe and effective manner. With that being said, the benefits are making it an increasingly important part of the advertising landscape, especially when you look at the fact that new businesses can take advantage of a huge market at a relatively low-cost entry point. With ad-supported tiers becoming the norm, it’s safe to say that businesses now have more options than ever when taking their brand global.

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