In May, Heathrow’s passenger level rose almost eightfold

In May, the number of Heathrow passengers increased almost eightfold due to strong demand for flights to the EU and the US

  • The number of passengers remained about a fifth lower than before the pandemic
  • More than 5.3 million travelers arrived through the UK’s largest airport last month
  • The BA hub saw significant traffic over the platinum anniversary weekend

The number of Heathrow passengers in May was almost eight times higher than in the same month last year, when restrictions on airline travel remained tight.

In the busiest month since March 2020, more than 5.3 million people have passed through the UK’s largest airport compared to just 675,200 in May 2021, although traffic remained about a fifth less than before the pandemic.

North America has seen the largest increase in the number of people flying from Heathrow, an increase of 1,500 percent to 1.4 million, while the number of passengers heading to the European Union has increased by 1.7 million.

Huge numbers: in the busiest month since March 2020, more than 5.3 million people have passed through the UK’s largest airport compared to 675,200 in May 2021

The British Airways hub has seen significant traffic over the weekend dedicated to the platinum anniversary and summer semesters, despite the fact that many holidaymakers are facing long queues and flight cancellations.

These problems were caused by a significant recovery in demand, which coincided with a wide shortage of personnel in the aviation industry.

Heathrow claimed that “no more flights were canceled in less time than on any normal day,” adding that 90 percent of travelers were able to get through the security service in less than 10 minutes.

CEO John Holland Kay said: “I am very proud of how my team has worked with airlines and other partners to get passengers to escape during the anniversary half-life.

“We continue to make good progress in our capacity-building plans and work closely with airlines and the government to maintain a balance of supply and demand as we grow so that passengers can travel confidently through Heathrow this summer.”

On the eve of the summer peak of the Heathrow season, Terminal 4 will reopen tomorrow, closing it to passengers from the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic more than two years ago.

High Demand: British Airways Hub Observes High Traffic During Platinum Jubilee and Summer Half Years, Despite Many Travelers Facing Long Queues and Cancellations

Formerly the main operating terminal for British Airways, the site has traditionally housed Middle Eastern airlines, including Qatar Airways, which will resume services on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia Airlines and Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi.

But there are fears that the deteriorating inflation situation in the UK and around the world will delay demand for overseas holidays and business travel, slowing the recovery of the aviation sector from the coronavirus pandemic.

Inflation in Britain is currently 10 per cent, the highest level in four decades as oil and gas prices have risen following easing restrictions on travel and blockades and the recent full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Delays and cancellations of flights at airports across the UK could further push some Britons away from summer holidays in another country and persuade them to choose a holiday.

In a grim analysis of Heathrow’s activities, Victoria Scholar, head of investment at Interactive Investor, commented: “It is clear that the demand for travel remains subdued, in particular, business travel is unlikely to ever return to the peak that was before COVID.

“After an unprecedented period of hardship for the entire sector, 2022 was to see a surge in deferred demand and a sharp acceleration in international travel.

“However, with the cost of living crisis, a new era of online business meetings, the war in Ukraine and Heathrow’s spending inflation, another difficult year awaits, postponing his first post-pandemic period of profitability.”


In May, Heathrow’s passenger level rose almost eightfold

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