In Kylie Jenner’s gorgeous baby shower, Christian Dior’s pram shows off her baby’s bumps.

Kylie Jenner Gave her followers a glimpse of her stunning baby shower She is preparing to have her second child with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

The 24-year-old shared a series of gorgeous photos with 301 million followers on a special Friday night.

The makeup tycoon seemed excited to be a second mother when she hugged her bump while she was surrounded by her closest and loved ones.

Influencers chose an elegant plain white maxi dress with long sleeves to keep an eye out for the event.

She combined a shimmering silver necklace with earrings and outfits that matched her iconic brunette hair styled with loose waves.

Kylie dressed in white for her baby shower

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The star chose her usual full gram make-up along with her nude shiny lips.

Meanwhile, the baby shower appeared almost outside, and some sections were protected by some overhanging decorations.

Kylie showed off her baby bump

Kylie had cream-colored petals scattered in the water

One of the decoration options to stop the show was three life-sized giraffes, with Kylie posing in front of one of the snaps surrounded by a bunch of white flowers.

The Kardashian-Jenner family maintains a neutral color scheme throughout, so they don’t reveal the baby’s gender.

In the main seating area was a wooded table with matching chairs, hung with beige blankets embroidered with each guest’s name.

Kylie had a beautiful napkin arrangement

Stars pulled out all the stops with a handmade touch

Kylie looked elegant when she posed with her mother, Kris Jenner, and her grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell.

The zoomed-in photo shows the table decoration in more detail, peeking into the giraffe’s location setting, which is also engraved with the guest’s name.

Kylie’s baby dad, Travis, seems to have been in Baby Bash because his name is on the photo.

Kylie was personalizing the guest’s blanket

The youngest Jenner definitely has a lot of friends and family. This is shown by the amount of gifts received second, and one photo shows an array of Tiffany bags lined up on a table.

Christian Dior’s baby carriage and diaper bag were also placed on the table, but it’s unclear who gave them the expensive gifts.

Kylie concludes her collection of photographs with insights into what the guests did during the special celebration.

Kylie was given a Dior pram by one guest

She posted pictures of a variety of different sewing designs created by the attendees themselves, including one of her sisters.

In particular, the person who said “I LOVE U-Kenny” suggests that Kendall Jenner, Kylie’s sister, made a sweet gift for her.

Kylie announced in September last year that fans were hoping for a second kid with good news in advance.

Some thought she had already given birthHowever, her baby shower seems to have been the last big event before she gave birth.

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In Kylie Jenner's gorgeous baby shower, Christian Dior's pram shows off her baby's bumps.

Source link In Kylie Jenner's gorgeous baby shower, Christian Dior's pram shows off her baby's bumps.

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