In-depth Look At Online Gambling

The last few years have dramatically shifted the way people gamble. The COVID-19 and ubiquitous lockdowns increased public anxiety, and the number of players has grown at an incredible speed. Industry Statistics for April 2019 – March 2020 have shown that online gambling is now the largest sector, comprising 40% of the overall gambling market revenue. The most frequent request over the past few years was the best casino minimum deposit $1.

While land-based establishments were closed during the pandemic, virtual casinos were flourishing. Since coronavirus has started, people have been locked out of homes, trying to figure out what was happening. They were lost and depressed, and gambling was helping them to get away from the urgent problems.

Mobile Phone or PC?

Since 2020, the most popular way to access gambling has been a mobile phone. It is a device used by most players across the globe. Firstly, it is possible to gamble from any place with a stable Internet connection. Secondly, mobile gambling is more convenient compared to PCs. There are thousands of mobile applications running on iOS and Android. Statistics show that three-quarters of 18-34-year-old gamblers play on a mobile device, while only 14% of 65-year-old — use this gadget. Plus, the new silent generation and millennials utilize more devices for online gambling. They are getting used to posting photos on Instagram and chatting with friends on messengers via mobile.

Laptops are ranked as the second most popular device for gambling. Four out of ten players play on a computer. The third most popular way to gamble is via PC. One out of four online gamblers prefers it more than any other method.

An excellent way to play casino games is via a tablet. But only under one out of five prefers this way. Last but not least, Smart TVs — a “niche” way. 3% of active gamblers prefer playing on a big screen to see the bright picture in full size.

Where Do People Gamble?

Home remains the most common gambling place as most of us spend more time there while in a lockdown. The number of players gambling from home is the biggest one. Many young gamblers (aged 18-24) play at other places, while senior players rarely play casino games somewhere else — only 2% of respondents said they like gambling at work or while traveling.

So, playing at home is a continuing trend. Year after year, the number of people gambling from the comfort of their homes is growing. Who knows, maybe one day playing online casino games will turn into home entertainment.

Of course, work, public transport, sports venues, pubs, and clubs are popular locations where people gamble. But in percentage terms, the largest proportion of adults (about 96 %) play at home.

How Much Money Do Gamblers Bet?

The latest statistics published by the Queensland Treasury show that Australians bet more than $241 billion in 2017-19. It is no secret that Aussie gamblers might lose large sums of money. Sometimes, the impact of rampant gambling goes beyond players’ bank accounts. Players may suffer from addictive behaviour, spending more than they can afford to lose, having intimacy issues, or problems at work.

Last year, more than $180 billion was spent on casino games, not to mention betting. So, the average Aussie man and woman over 18 are losing $1,260 per year just on gambling.

In 2019, the Rev Costello report was released. It shed light on the dark side of gambling — the loss of homes, broken relationships, and even deaths.

Why Is Gambling So Popular In Australia?

Gambling is one of the favourite forms of entertainment and a way to spend free time in Australia. There are several reasons why gambling plays a significant role in the lives of Aussie men and women. Firstly, it is connected with history (colonization period). The very first gambling game, called “Two-Up”, was designed by European colonists at the end of the 18th century. It is still played on Anzac Day every year. Besides, there were plenty of games located at Australian pubs two centuries ago. It was the starting point when gambling won the hearts of the nation.

Australia takes a very liberal attitude to gambling; therefore, most forms of gambling are legal. The gambling lobby objects to any restrictions proposed. Plus, the government itself is interested in the population playing more. The thing is, online gambling taxes are a significant part of state revenue.

Some statistics: there are nearly 200,000 slot machines — one for every 114 people. This number is much bigger than in any country in the world. More than 80% of Aussie adults engage in online gambling of some kind, and this process is unstoppable.

Positive Aspects of Gambling

Although gambling may cause real problems like lost money and jobs, it has positive sides. If you perceive online gambling as a form of entertainment only, it will show the new side.

Studies of Behaviour analysis and therapy programs at Southern Illinois University have shown that online gambling may raise your spirit. People who do not take gambling seriously are happier overall than those who treat it as a way to earn money. Online casino games release endorphins making gamblers more delighted than people who watch TV at leisure. Besides, online gambling allows people to develop new skills. Gambling teaches you to be more observant. You have to study strategies and tactics. Not only does it train your brain, but also toughens you up mentally. Learning how to play a new casino game keeps the brain cells working. Plus, gambling may help you with socialization. Online games imply interaction. For example, playing live dealer games allows you to communicate with other players staying at home. Some players prefer gambling with friends. It is where synergy begins, meaning that online gambling takes it to a whole new level.


Online gambling occupies an important place in the lives of Aussie people. It is closely related to the colonial period. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a free time without playing casino games. On the one hand, the instant growth of virtual casinos decreases the well-being of the nation. On the other hand, everything depends on the perception: if you treat gambling as a form of entertainment only, there is nothing to worry about. Casino games will remain one of the ways to spend your leisure time until you decide to take things seriously and start playing for real money.


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