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Imran Khan demands snap elections under the control of a “neutral” CEC

Islamabad [Pakistan]Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that the general election in the country should be held under the supervision of a neutral High Electoral Commission (CEC), local media reported.

Insisting that the “elected” government was forced on the masses through a conspiracy, he said that the elections should be held as soon as possible, otherwise democracy will be hit hard, Geo News reports.

Khan, however, added that the elections should be held under the supervision of the relevant High Electoral Commissioner (CEC). It is noteworthy that this happened after he called the agent of the Central Electoral Commission Sikandar Sultan Raja PML-N last week.

He denied the allegations of incompetence of his government, he said. “We have been hearing those expressions for three and a half years. My only demand is to hold the elections under the chairmanship of a neutral CEC. Let the people decide. [the country’s fate]”Then, reiterating that the Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government of Pakistan has failed through conspiracy, he said that a commission headed by Pakistan’s chief justice should be set up to investigate the matter.

“The incumbent prime minister was ousted through a conspiracy, so all state institutions should deal with this issue, as it is a big setback for the country,” the media quoted him as saying.

Speaking about the US involvement in securing his resignation on the issue of no-confidence, he said that he is not anti-American or against any other country.

“The United States often incites regime change for its own interests, not for the interests of the countries involved,” he said, adding that he knew every character involved in the conspiracy.

“I have evidence against people who frequently visited the US Embassy in Pakistan. “Hussein Haqqani met with Nawaz Sharif in London, where they plotted,” he added.

It is noteworthy that the PTI has staged several protests across the country against an alleged “foreign conspiracy” by the United States to oust Imran Khan, who was ousted after a no-confidence vote in the National Assembly. (ANI)

Imran Khan demands snap elections under the control of a “neutral” CEC

SourceImran Khan demands snap elections under the control of a “neutral” CEC

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