Important Questions About Lionel Messi’s Future

Barcelona surprised the football world and rushed their checkbooks to send suitors when they announced the following: Lionel Messi I will leave the club this summer.

NS Spanish The aristocrats were unable to agree on a contract with the 34-year-old Argentine International. This will allow us to comply with Liga’s financial regulations, which will divide the path.

Here we will look at some of the issues behind PA news agencies’ critical decisions.

How did you come to this?

Probably not so surprised.Messi has indicated his intention to leave Camp Nou Last summer he believed he could do so with a free transfer under the terms of his existing contract. The € 700 million buyout clause prevented him from doing so, but the seeds were sown regardless of the club’s financial difficulties.

Is Barcelona really so terrible off?

Lionel Messi spent more than 20 years in Barcelona (Nickpots / PA)

(PA wire)

In a nutshell, that’s right. Earlier this year, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the club’s debt was € 1.173 billion (£ 850 million) and their wage bills now account for 110% of their income. Joan Laporta Knowing means they are on the other side of the financial fair play regulation.

How expensive is Messi?

very. Messi’s base salary was reportedly € 45 million, or £ 38.2m, and he was willing to cut more than 50% to sign the New Deal. Barca’s statement claims that the parties have reached an agreement, but Riga’s rules simply do not allow it to be completed.

Is the club announcement a bargaining ploy?

Lionel Messi’s salary does not meet LaLiga’s financial rules (Peter Byrne / PA)

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That’s a good question. There is no doubt that Messi’s profile promoted LaLiga’s products to audiences around the world, and his battle with Cristiano Ronaldo for the greatest title ever is a constant soap opera. The Governing Body would not want to be seen as the villain of the work, a role that appears to have been played by the Camp Nou hierarchy. However, it remains to be seen whether public protests that inevitably follow the news will encourage relaxation of the rules.

If not Barcelona, ​​where is next to Messi?

Lionel Messi may be heading to the Premier League (Owen Humphreys / PA)

(PA archive)

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are two of the few clubs in the world football world, with pockets deep enough to consider the movements of men who are unlikely to interfere with future employment over the years. I have. Major League Soccer Where his lasting qualities allow him to play for years, he can provide a half-hearted home for his return to his roots in Argentina, but the romance of the Rosary. The faction inevitably locks their hopes to Messi’s suggestion to the club Newell’s Old Boys, where he started his glittering career.

Important Questions About Lionel Messi’s Future

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