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London, April 12th Immigration, an immigration platform for tech professionals and entrepreneurs, raised $ 500,000 in a funding round led by Xploration Capital with the participation of Mikita Mikado, an immigrant founder and СEO of PandaDoc, Joint Journey Ventures and a group of angelic investors. Immigram is also supported by Hatchery, a startup incubator run by University College London.

Immigram is building a B2B SaaS platform that allows employers to attract and retain international talent by carefully guiding them throughout the entire transfer journey from applying for a relevant visa to finding an apartment and opening a bank account. Immigram combines legal expertise with technological processes to automate immigration. At the heart of the platform is Immigram’s proprietary scoring system which allows the company to have a 96% success rate for the UK Global Talent Visa, an industry average 3 times higher. Since its inception, Immigram has already helped 150 clients relocate successfully. Immigram also provides a B2C solution for tech professionals and entrepreneurs interested in relocating. Unlike traditional law firms that charge hourly rates, Immigram provides fixed prices, costs 50% less and issues a full refund in the event of a breakdown.

The company provides support to its users after they move, helping them open a bank account, secure an apartment, and find a daycare for their children. For this reason, Immigram has been used by top executives from Google, Meta, Twitter, Revolut, Bumble and Yandex, as well as the founders and alumni of Y Combinator, 500 Startups and Techstars, for example Kirill Kochnev, VP Goldman Sachs.

Immigram’s founders – Anastasia Mirolyubova and Mikhail Sharonov – moved to the UK and experienced all the immigration challenges themselves. A graduate of the UCL School of Management, Anastasia has nine years of professional experience in business development at the World Bank and Simmons & Simmons. Mikhail worked for an immigration law firm in London and during his tenure found that many tech professionals and entrepreneurs with good cases were faced with the Home Office’s growing focus on the commercial and technical aspects of applications rather than on the legal parts.

After hundreds of consultations and extensive research, Anastasia and Mikhail founded Immigram to help people solve the problems they reported and those they experienced themselves. Immigram’s mission is to help talented immigrants unleash their full potential where companies and organizations appreciate it.

“We are building the product around the immigrant, not a particular country. The global talent shortage right now totals 40 million skilled workers, and it is already influencing immigration laws and pushing developed countries to establish new talent visa programs. Our goal is to build an end-to-end global mobility platform that guides people throughout their journey and helps them find a community of like-minded people everywhere, “said Anastasia Mirolyubova, CEO and co. – founder of Immigram.

In 2019 the UK created a Global Talent Visa to welcome the brightest tech talents to join and contribute to UK digital technology. Unlike the program it replaced with a maximum limit of 2,000 applicants per year, the Global Talent visa has no limit. Additionally, employees with a Global Talent visa are not tied to a particular employer, which allows them to negotiate better terms.

The United States may also soon introduce a similar option. In January 2022, the House Rules Commission tabled a bill creating a temporary visa for foreign-born entrepreneurs.

In addition to working directly with professionals interested in immigration, Immigram provides B2B solutions for companies interested in relocating current and prospective employees. The company has annual sales of $ 1.2 million and has been profitable from the start. In 2022, the platform plans to expand further to other regions.

“We are now in a very special historical moment where countries are starting to compete for people. Immigram facilitates this process by helping professionals to fully realize their ambitions on a global scale, ”said Igor Kim, Managing Partner of Xploration Capital. “They have gathered really great people as their clients and I know for a fact that there has already been an investment agreement between them.”

About Immigram

Immigram is an immigration platform for technology specialists and entrepreneurs that helps them unleash their full potential globally. Immigram is reducing friction and automating immigration processes to support applicants at every stage: from case assessment to settlement in the new country. Professionals used Immigram from Google, Meta, Twitter, Revolut, Bumble and Yandex, as well as the founders and alumni of Y Combinator, 500 Startups and Techstars. Since 2019, Immigram has helped over 150 clients relocate successfully. For more information please visit

About Xploration Capital

Xploration Capital supports ambitious founders building next-generation platforms, digital ecosystems and SaaS companies around the world. The company has over $ 100 million under management. Since its launch, Xploration Capital has invested in over 30 startups, including StoreDot (Israel), Open Mineral (Switzerland), Chaldal (Bangladesh), Loship (Vietnam), Farmy (Switzerland), Novakid (USA), ARNA (USA), Myos (Germany), Brokrete (Canada). For more information visit

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Immigram Global Secures £ 500,000 Investment Led By Xploration Capital – UK Technology Investment News

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