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  • Founders Wildeen and David Spindler, the team behind the global endurance event phenomenon Tough Madder, will raise over £ 7.8m in Series A2 funding for the immersive group gaming platform Electric Game Box.
  • The latest round of funding will bring total funding to over £ 18m, accelerating global expansion to more than 1,000 locations by 2026.
  • Electric Gamebox launched its London venue in 2019 and has sites in Manchester, Essex, USA and Dallas, Texas.

London, 10Th June 2020: Electric game boxThe Immersive Group Gaming Experience, which is reinventing how consumers interact with video games, today announced that it has raised £ 8m in Series A2 funding.

Endurance Event Phenomenon Will Dean, founder of Tough Mudder, and David Spindler, founder of Tough Mudder Bootcamp, are pioneers of Electric Gamebox, which provides ultra-immersive games in an interactive digital room.

The latest funding from Brookfield Asset Management, Index Ventures, JamJar, and Project A will support the company’s bold expansion through the UK and US as a whole and Brookfield’s retail rehabilitation program.

The company plans 100 new sites over the next two years and over 1,000 sites over the next five years. The Electric Gamebox was first launched in central London in October 2019 and now has UK venues in Essex and Manchester, in Dallas, Texas, USA. Electric Gamebox will launch its first UK concession this summer and will launch 12 ambitious venues for the rest of 2021.

The partnership leverages Brookfield Asset Management’s real estate portfolio to bring Electric Gamebox to retailers and position it as the perfect destination for consumers seeking entertainment, hospitality and retailers. Additional funding was raised from existing investors JamJar Investments, Index Ventures, Project A Ventures, Sweet Capital, and new investors Immbiba. This latest round of funding follows the £ 8.5m Series A in December 2019, bringing the total funding raised by Electric Gamebox to over £ 18m.

The concept of Electric Gamebox is an immersive gaming experience that represents the UK and the US. The “Game Box” room can accommodate up to 6 players at a time and features a variety of technologies such as projection mapping, touch screen, motion tracking and surround sound for a super immersive experience without the need for a headset. Provide.

The platform is a completely new genre of group entertainment where players tackle a series of immersive games and challenges that require them to complete collaboration and teamwork. Electric Gamebox has built an extensive portfolio of games in its in-house studio, with six currently available live to guests. An additional 10 games will be released in 2021, including the first game developed by 3.rd Experience focused on party studios and first education. New games are rolled out monthly to encourage consumer revisits and new challenges.

Electric Gamebox provides a COVID-safe experience with complete disinfection between groups and incredible arrival times to limit customer group interaction for each reservation in your private gamebox. Despite the pandemic challenges in the retail and hospitality sector, the Dallas venue has been a huge success with over 10,000 visitors since its launch in December 2020. The UK venue has attracted thousands of guests since it reopened on the 17th.Th In May, there are over 3,000 visitors and full bookings in the semi-annual week alone.

Wildeen, CEO and co-founder, said:

“We are excited to work with Brookfield to accelerate expansion and promote our mission to reinvent the way consumers interact with video games. We are excited to work with Brookfield for the next five years. We aim to be an immersive entertainment Netflix with over 1000 units playing over 100 games at. Working with real estate leaders like Brookfield to take a step towards achieving this. I can.”


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About Electric Gamebox

Electric Gamebox (EGB) is a new way to play video games. The gamebox combines projection mapping, touch screen, motion tracking, and surround sound technologies to provide a whole new form of immersive entertainment without the use of bulky headsets. Teams of 2-6 people play a 30-60 minute game featuring levels and challenges designed to be fun, sociable and collaborative. The first location opened in London’s South Bank in October 2019, and EGB now has UK venues in the suburbs of London and Manchester, and US venues in Dallas, Texas. There are currently 6 games to choose from, and more are released each month.

About JamJar Investments

JamJar’s investment was made by the founder of Innocent Drinks. Since its inception in 2012, it has invested in companies such as food delivery service Deliveroo, energy company Bulb, personal doctor app Babylon Health, and sleep tracking app Sleepio.

About Index Ventures

Index Ventures helps the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs to make their ideas realistic and lasting. The transformative companies they are building include Adyen, Aurora, Bird, Deliveroo, Datadog, Dropbox, Elastic, Farfetch, Funding Circle, King, Sonos, Squarespace, Supercell and Zuora.

About Project A Venture

Project A Ventures has partnered with leading entrepreneurs at the forefront of digital innovation to combine capital and operational support. Companies they support include Homeday, Hello Print, Voi, and Klara.

Brookfield Asset Management Inc.about

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers managing assets totaling US $ 600 billion in real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy, private equity and credit. Brookfield owns and operates long-lived assets and businesses, many of which form the backbone of the global economy.Brookfield leverages its global reach, access to large capital and investment expertise to public and private pension schemes, funds and foundations, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions and insurers. Private Wealth Investor

About Sweet Capital

Sweet Capital is passionate about funding the next generation of consumer and mobile-focused entrepreneurs, helping ambitious founders looking to make a positive impact.

About Inviva

Imbiba is a professional investor in the UK leisure and hospitality market. Supporting Entrepreneurs As an entrepreneur, Imbiba offers best-in-class support in key areas of real estate, strategic marketing, bars, restaurants and operational-level finance for the UK leisure business.

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Immersive Group Gaming (t / a Electric Gamebox) Secures £ 7.8m of Series A Follow-on Investment – ​​UK Tech Investment News

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