I’m worth £ 5.5m, but I’ll never quit my job or need someone to fund me, says Ferne McCann.

Ferne McCann raises the flag of a single mother everywhere by taking bacon home on Sunday and raising a three-year-old daughter.

Former Tweester Is prospering on her own and is ranked 13th in The Sun’s annual Fabulous Magazine Reality Rich List, released today, after doubling her estimated wealth to £ 5.5m.


Former Tweester Ferne McCann, 31, takes bacon home and is a single mother, so she thrives on her own.Credits: Mark Hayman-Great


Terry Star, who has a three-year-old daughter on Sunday, is ranked 13th on The Sun’s annual Fabulous Magazine Reality Rich List announced today.Credit: Instagram

Wealth thanks to her ITV Be show Ferne McCann: First Mom, A series of brand transactions and her own fitness app Embodyment. Ferne, 31, is obsessed with rich list rankings and reveals: I love working.

“I was the girl who went to London on Friday night, dressed in nine and was about to meet a banker. And I dated a soccer player. What I want.

“It’s important for me to teach my daughter. If you want something, you can definitely achieve it with all your efforts. Some people have lived an easy and comfortable life, but I’m not excited. ..

“I want to work for myself and feed my daughter. I am very comfortable and can sleep happily at night because I can take care of both of us. For us It’s rewarding to know that it’s happened.

“I love it when a single mother says I inspired them. It’s very moving and humble, and it’s the best thing I’m doing.

“There are no days when I’m not so grateful.”

“Daily Hustle”

Fern’s maternal journey was turbulent. She became pregnant in 2017 and realized she was facing a single mother life after her boyfriend at the time. Arthur Collins, Twenty-two fled following an acid attack at a nightclub in London where they were injured.

He was later deliberately convicted of GBH, like ABH, and imprisoned for 20 years. Fern ended the relationship as soon as he learned of the attack and was afraid of the future of her and her baby.

Collins is strictly off limits in the interview, but Fern has a survivor mindset. She states: Love island, So you need to be super unique and have something special to make it. It’s not just about TV. The bow has many strings.

“But reality check stars have the misconception that we’re not actually working. It’s the hustle and bustle of every day. There’s no day I’m not working or looking for new opportunities. Efforts You will be rewarded. I am proud. I am on a rich list of reality. “

Fern wasn’t afraid to take risks and put himself into a television project on his way. Regular from 2013 to 2016, Towie finished third in I’m A Celebrity in 2015 and her First about Celebs Go Dating, Celebrity Best Home Cook, and her and other single-mother experiences. He has also appeared in the Time Mum show.

She states: Opportunities may not be immediately available in your life, so I tried to get the most out of everything. I have always said “yes”. I worked for free and built a network. I don’t know where it will lead. “

There is never a day when I’m not working or looking for new opportunities. Efforts will be rewarded. I’m proud to be on an extensive list of realities.

Ferne McCann

Fern grew up comfortably in Brentwood, Essex. Her dad was a commodity trader and her mom was a sports therapist. They instilled strong work ethic in their daughters and encouraged them to work part-time at a hair salon at the age of 14.

She recalls: It wasn’t just about making money, it was also about personality formation. It’s the people you talk to and meet. By doing that job for four years, I shaped myself. I like chatting with clients, now I’m good at small talk and I’m very interested in people. I respected the older beauticians and thought they were very cool.

“My parents always encouraged me to work. We definitely didn’t have a hard time, but my dad wanted me to leave his mark on the world. Ultimately I want him to work on Saturday as well on Sunday — ha, ha! ”Ferne is single after breaking up with her boyfriend. Jack Padgett In June, she is now positive about the future and healthier than ever after embarking on liquor detoxification.

She states: “So far, I haven’t gone out with a girl, let alone a date. I didn’t take a sip because I wanted to detoxify alcohol for eight weeks. I’ve focused on being healthy. , And I am enjoying the changing seasons and getting ready Christmas.. I abandoned my love life, I don’t put pressure on it because I know what I want.

“I used to want someone, but anyone who comes next will have a family, and anyone who is lucky will have a family. No more dates. Sunday and I’m a package. Family I don’t put pressure on it. Good things take time. It’s really important that the next person entering our life is the right person. I don’t have a series of dates . “

She giggles and adds. “I hope I’ll put a ring on my finger by this time next year.” Ferne doesn’t hesitate when asked if she wants more children.

“Close to my heart”

She says. Sunday is my best companion and settles down at school. I want her to have a brother, she is my blessing. “

Fern wants the First Time Mom to keep running and keep running. Following the birth of Sunday after former Arthur was caged, it began as a one-off in 2017.

But she now wraps her 7th series and is proud that she is one of the featured moms. She states: “This Series 7 was very exciting as it was the first series I got eight partners. It’s a show that’s really close to my heart, it’s very realistic. Fans love it. He seems to be there and always wants more. “

Ferne is a toy brand LOL Surprise! Promotes a Live UK tour of. She states: “I’m excited to go to the event on Sunday. She’s an independent and real girly girl. I really enjoy her company.

“It’s special to see her grow up. She changed from a toddler to a little girl, and it was always Sunday with me. It’s a lot of fun. We spend all our time together and the same thing Laughs. She is my little best friend. “


A successful woman worth £ 5.5 million will writhe as she says. I love working.Credit: Rex Features


“I’ll never quit my job, I’ll never rely on a man to fund me and give me what I want,” she added.Credit: Xposure


Ferne’s wealth is due to her ITV Be show Ferne McCannn: First Time Mum. Here, Lauren Pope, Billie Faiers and Gemma Collins are participating.Credit: Rex Features


A star earlier this year with ex-boyfriend Jack Padgett, she feels positive about the futureCredits: Click News and Media
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I’m worth £ 5.5m, but I’ll never quit my job or need someone to fund me, says Ferne McCann.

Source link I’m worth £ 5.5m, but I’ll never quit my job or need someone to fund me, says Ferne McCann.

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