“I’m very happy with the players”: Tuchel praises Chelsea’s team’s efforts | Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel praised the team’s outstanding efforts after Chelsea took control of them Champions League A draw with Atletico Madrid, thanks to a stunning away goals rule from Olivier Giroud.

Chelsea dominated the first leg of Bucharest where the game was played due to Covid-19 restrictions, and the last 16 for the first time since 2014 after a VAR review showed Giroud’s overhead kick onside. There is a great opportunity to progress beyond. Mason Mount and Giorginho will be suspended in Round 2 on March 17, but Tuchel has been able to celebrate the most impressive victory since replacing Frank Lampard last month.

“I’m not proud because I have nothing to do with it,” said Chelsea’s manager. “I am very pleased that the players and teams have a huge reward and can actually read on the scoreline. It is very important that we are fully focused on everything for 96 minutes and create opportunities. It was very important to accept the difficult things to do. We did it all and it was a very good team effort. “

Tuchel emphasized Giroud’s professionalism after 34-year-old Giroud was unable to leave the bench when Chelsea drew with Southampton last Saturday.

“If you look at him on a daily basis, you shouldn’t be surprised,” said the German. “He’s perfectly healthy, well-shaped, and mentally, I feel like he’s having fun every day as a professional soccer player at this level. He trains like 24 years old. Chelsea’s only disappointment was that Giorginho and Mount picked up a yellow card that fouled João Felix.

“It doesn’t make things easier for us,” Tuchel said. “But to be honest, I’m currently playing for Manchester United, Everton, Liverpool and Leeds. We can’t be very comfortable, we can’t be lazy. These games are me Push them to the limit and then come up with a solution for the second game with Atletico. “

Giroud was pleased with his goal. “We came here with a strong will to win. We analyzed their games and knew how we could give them trouble,” said the striker. “We are very strong at the back. We have a better chance – a natural victory.

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“We know the importance of away goals. We managed the game well. We faced a great team. We were very enthusiastic. We need to be confident. There was. I don’t know what to think about goals. I’m just trying to focus on hitting the ball well. I love overhead kicks. “

“I’m very happy with the players”: Tuchel praises Chelsea’s team’s efforts | Chelsea

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