I’m the daughter of celebrity Arlene and say she wasn’t “confused” to have an older mom

Arlene Philips‘The daughters responded to her emotional clip discussing her anxieties about being an older mother. I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!..

Earlier this week, at the age of 47, she began 78 years by becoming the mother of her youngest daughter, Abi, revealing that she should be a grandmother instead and was told she would never have a bond with her baby. bottom.

But 30-year-old Abi and her 42-year-old sister Alana are now monopolistic. all right! About having an older mom, saying that she has never been “embarrassed”.

Abi said: “We’ve talked about it together many times so far, and she explained how she felt.

The daughters of Arlene Phillips responded to their mother’s comments about being an older mother.

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“I was already aware. It wasn’t new to me, but when I hear or see it, I just want to reassure her that I’m looking at her exactly the same. . She is my mummy and I have never compared. “”

Alana added: “One of the things she always tells us is how blessed it is to have a loon.

Arlene gave birth to her daughter Abi at the age of 47

Alana and Abi say they were never “embarrassed” at their mother’s age

“It was the people around me that surprised me. She never thought of it again. She just felt it was a really great gift.”

Abi says:

“I think it’s great to tell people that she’s fine, I’m fine, and everything is great.

I’m the celebrity Arlene Phillips. In an episode of the ITV show on Wednesday, we frankly talked about being an older mother.

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“She was told that it was difficult to build a bond with her older daughter, but that was never the case. If anything, I think it brought us closer.”

former Please come to dance strictly The judge told her campmates in an episode on Wednesday night:

“I gave birth to my eldest son, Alana, when I was 36. I was called the mother of an old man.

“But when I went to Primrose Hill’s mother and baby, my obstetrician came and whispered. I can’t forget this. He knelt and whispered, so you’ll be your mother again. You will have to find a way to understand the method. “

Arlene told her campmate earlier that her reaction was to cry and run away.

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I'm the daughter of celebrity Arlene and say she wasn't "confused" to have an older mom

Source link I'm the daughter of celebrity Arlene and say she wasn't "confused" to have an older mom

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