“I’m Santa Claus, a royal child, but my dad’s Christmas is never his wife.”

If you don’t believe in Santa Claus, you still have time to remove your name from the prank list.

Believe it or not, the man in red is so real, Santa, Chris Nicholas, To bring joy to children after the holiday season. And he also appears at parties and celebrity homes, entertaining the Royals, so adults will never forget.

Before Christmas understood! Sit with Father Christmas and had a healthy chat about his magical journey and what it takes to fulfill our wishes …

Santa Chris Nicholas is real

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Christmas is here. I’m in Santa’s cave and I’m wearing the best red suit to fulfill the wishes of my children.

A 12-year-old kid was in a bad mood at me, bowed his head and looked skeptical.

He asks flatly, staring at my cool figure and faint white beard. “If you’re a real Santa Claus, what’s my name?”

But he is full of surprises. I whisper. “Santa Claus can be much more than what you see. That’s what you believe. And I’ll never forget your name, James.”

The boy’s eyes open wide in awe, and in this short moment Santa’s magic is real.

I have always held a special place in my heart for Christmas. When I was little, Santa Claus at the time I took over brought me a little teddy bear. It is still one of my most important assets.

I loved dressing up as Santa during the holidays. At the age of six, my grandmother gave me a red knit suit and I played that role when small children came to stay. I always intended to be a performer.

He makes a list and checks it twice
He makes a list and checks it twice

When I grew up, I became a child entertainer and traveled around the world as a professional opera singer. One day someone noticed my cheerful appearance (I’m naturally a little rounded).

The man told me, “You will have a wonderful father’s Christmas for our party.”

I actually asked him to do it and fell in love with Santa again. At that time, it turned out that he was my call.

The movie industry has friends, including make-up artists. Harry potter The movie, and together we came up with a way to turn me into a Santa Claus that everyone can believe. The little rouge works really amazingly!

It’s the most notable feeling to see Father Christmas staring straight at me in the mirror. Something catches me and I hug a man who brings love and happiness to all.

I have two identical suits, each worth £ 30,000. The detailed buttons and handmade leather belt are 18K gold plated and hand-embroidered with a gorgeous Christmas design.

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The boots alone are worth £ 3,500-made to fit my exact foot shape-and I also have a full support cast of real reindeer. They aren’t too naughty as flying animals go!

The Santa suit I’m wearing is so heavy that I have to wear a special cooling suit underneath.

But there is no padding. I think this is the result of eating a lot of mince pies, mars bars and chips.

It’s hard to keep Santa secret, but my dry cleaner works fine. Every year around February, I send a suit for a 6-week break. He carefully cleans it and hides it from sight. No one should know where Santa washes his suit!

Is my beard real? I can’t say anything! I suspect there are some secrets that Santa cannot reveal.

I’m not the Santa you see in supermarkets and shopping centers-as great as they are. I play at dinner parties and weddings, make Christmas movies, entertain celebrities, and visit the homes of the most famous people in the world.

No one has asked me to appear on the roof or jump down the chimney yet, but I agree!

Santa's red suit is worth £ 30,000!
Santa’s red suit is worth £ 30,000!

Every year (permitted by Covid), I travel nationwide and around the world from Singapore to Canada, China and Hong Kong. Before the attack of Covid, I visited all continents, including Antarctica, in 12 months.

The fun of being my dad’s Christmas makes me do it all. It’s a full-time job-I wear my suit most of the month of the year-but I can catch a little ITV daytime viewing while delivering the presents.Nothing beats Philip Scofield When Holly Willow Bee, But Mrs. Klaus likes Collie..

Mrs. Claus travels with me all year round. See the festive decorations in June and fill the house with eight Christmas trees and countless glittering lights in November.

Last year, I found a neighbor piled up with boxes and shouted, “Don’t move your house!” He thrust his head into the fence and replied cheerfully, “Don’t worry, I’m just decorating for Christmas!”

People say the house is exactly what Santa’s house looks like. It also smells like pine and brew berries.

Santa loves to see this morning
Santa loves to see this morning

But one of the ironies of being Santa is that I’m busy with work, so Christmas is robbed. I eat 13.8 billion mince pies on Christmas Eve alone. It’s not an average feat.

My celebration schedule is so tight that I need all those mince pies. I wake up at 4am and return to Mrs. Klaus at 1am the next day. And there are all those gifts I have to deliver – I need an oxygen mask to catch up.

Christmas day starts at 5 am. After spending the morning with a famous member of the British national team, I met A Lister from Hollywood, who lives in England.

I also visit the famous face of the royal palace – their children are delighted. I was instructed, but I broke the rules and bypassed “Madame” and “Sir”. Santa is everyone’s friend, he doesn’t use those words. I treat people with respect and throw a little cheekyness.

While visiting the house, I sing Christmas songs, entertain adults with the humor of “Shrek” and amaze children with magical tricks. I blow bubbles, catch them between my fingers and pop them with a little stick – then they turn into real lollipops!

It may be Cambridge to visit from Santa
It may be Cambridge to visit from Santa

We will also spend a quiet time with the children, listen to their wishes, and then introduce the reindeer in the garden.

After work, return to the Arctic at 5 pm to prepare a turkey supper. My roasted potatoes are legendary.

After that, Mrs. Klaus and I relax and watch a festive movie in Binji. My favorite is the Santa Claus: Dudley Moore movie. And you can’t beat the Muppets Christmas Carol.

It’s a special moment that really warms my heart. I remember a young man coming to see me one Christmas. His father died and he asked me, “Would you like to bring my dad back?”

I explained it softly. “There are some things Santa Claus can’t do. But death doesn’t mean that something is gone. As long as you remember your father and keep happy moments in your heart, he will be you. I live in. “

The young man understood my words, which meant the world to me.

Santa tackles difficult problems with children and makes them feel better
Santa tackles difficult problems with children and makes them feel better

In addition to that special time, there are also ridiculous times, and it’s very difficult not to laugh. All the kids imitated him until one kid asked me for world peace and the last little boy proudly declared, “I want world peace … and I want a gun.”

And it’s not just children who believe in Santa. I also enjoy it with adults. A few years ago I turned on a Christmas light in Dublin. I stayed at the hotel and heard a big discussion in the next room. Santa usually doesn’t lose his temper, but I hit the wall and yelled, “Look here, can you hold it back for good?”

The next morning, wearing a red suit, when I left the room, a couple next door appeared. Chap looked like a sheep. He stroked his wife and whispered, “It was Santa who saw love and shouted at us last night.”

Some adults are quite mean to their children. One Christmas I was asked by a celebrity to sneak into his house and surprise his little boy. I had a letter he sent the chimney to the North Pole, and his face was a painting.

Cambridge visits the church every Christmas day
Cambridge visits the church every Christmas day

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I said to him, “You may wake up tomorrow and think this was a dream. Have it in your heart and have this [a gold button etched with SC] To prove that I was here. “

A few weeks later, Dad blew me from every photo with an airbrush and claimed that his son made it, but he was convinced because the kid had that golden button. Chap promised me to confess to his son when he was old!

Once upon a time, I had a vivid dream of dressing up and transforming into a real Father Christmas. Shortly thereafter, I began my journey to become him.

Being Santa is really important to me. I’m not just a man in a suit. It is symbolic and important to people. I try to bring magic to everyone who meets him.

All I really want for Christmas is family, friends, and good tea.

  • Find out more about Santa Chris Nicholas and his magical work at santachrisnicholas.com.

"I'm Santa Claus, a royal child, but my dad's Christmas is never his wife."

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