I’m proud to please Chloe in bed and approach it like a competitive sport, says James Haskel.

He may have retired from international rugby, but the British legend James Haskel still has the idea of ​​an athlete in the bedroom.

NS 6ft 3 yuan flankerAre married to Chloe Madely, He says, “close to sex like a competitive sport.”


Rugby legend James Haskel reveals everything from his sex life to its spikesCredit: Matthew Pover
Richard and Judy's daughters James and Chloe Madely tied a knot in 2018


Richard and Judy’s daughters James and Chloe Madely tied a knot in 2018Credits: instagram.com/madeleychloe

“I take everything very seriously, but I want to be good at sex. I don’t know if I’m very good, but I’m trying to do it,” James told Sun. Told.

“There are a lot of people out there having bad sex. I want to improve it.”

Former bee star James married Daughter of Richard and Judy’s personal trainer In 2018, he wrote in his new book, Ruck Me: “If you’re lucky enough to see performance progress and get good reviews, why not keep improving?”

This book is a sequel to the 2020 memoir What A Flanker, in James’ own words. Candid exploration Why do people think he (even his wife) is an advertisement?

In the process, he kissed a man on a wild night in Paris and deliberately had his teammates take medicine on the 2017 Lions Tour. We share a spectacular anecdote that reflects the reason why it was called.

Censored social media posts

He also opens about his relationship with 34 years old ChloeSome people write part of the book themselves with a pen.

James, 36, said: “Chloe said in the book that I was dead inside because she didn’t cry on her wedding day, and she cried home.

“She always says I’m emotionally dead and calls Rugby’s answer to Donald Trump, why? Because I say too much about all the wrong things.”

James is certainly A filter-free approach to life – And I’m not afraid to speak his heart refreshingly.

It’s that attitude that he often sees in social media spats, and he admits in the book that he enjoys “indignating” people without humor. And he doesn’t intend to keep the cancel culture out of the way of his enjoyment.

“Are you scared of cancel culture?” He sighed. But I don’t have an overly positive opinion.

“When I woke up this morning, Instagram threatened to delete my account for harassment and bullying because I used the word b **** in my post. It’s like f *** liquor. , Everyone. It always happens.

“Now I was able to post pictures of cats online. Dog lovers have accused me of being a racist, and I hate rabbits and whatever they are. Everyone is very angry. “

“Zero regrets” for drug administration to teammates

I still don’t know what he is doing Social media critic His revelation in a book about having an unnamed Lions teammate take medicine on a return flight from New Zealand says James has “zero regrets.”

“I gave the man two sleeping pills because he behaved like a clown,” he explains.

“But I basically saved the day because he didn’t stop. We all know people who have 4-5 pints and turn into a complete nightmare. Life is cluttered with them. There is.

“I decided to do it, and I support it. I don’t insist on doing it to your peers, but stopping the genocide is the right thing to do, it’s I also made one hell of the story. “

James’ love for the good story led him to confront all sorts of suspicious behavior-eggs in a female car from naughty former special forces soldiers when she hurt his parking space. Until you vomit.

His ridiculous disgust leads to more than a few highlights from his wife Chloe, but James claims that their marriage works because they are so different.

“We have a very open relationship. But we are very different as people. My wife is incredibly emotional and incredibly compassionate. She does things. I’m thinking a lot about it, but I’m very busy right now. ”

Chloe Madeley (who poses at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle), sometimes branding her husband as


Chloe Madeley (who poses at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle), sometimes branding her husband as “dead,” is a product of rugby.Credits: Getty-Pool
She claims her husband has more than his deeply carved Instagram shots and says he's not stupid


She claims her husband has more than his deeply carved Instagram shots and says he’s not stupidCredit: Instagram

Afraid of honey traps and scandals

But when it comes to Chloe, he’s a big soft man, although he may come across as a muscular man with controversial opinions.

“Chloe is a wonderful person to me. I am a much better person to be with her. She protects me from myself.

“She understands things and sees things differently. I think it’s important because of our personal experience with the media and her family.

“Chloe’s wonderful and intelligent, far more than I am.”

Boasting that he is “proud of his oral sex performance,” James is familiar with keeping his marriage in the public eye.

“I have experienced enough scandals to know exactly what is happening in my life. I don’t trust many. If it’s too good to be true, it’s true. Is always a good thing, “he admits.

Regarding avoiding honey traps, he says: Everyone wants to catch you.And I learned it quite early

“Why a beautiful woman jumps into a hot tub and suddenly wants to talk to me, it doesn’t add up. Now I’m married. When a woman comes near me, I run in the opposite direction – fast. “

“People thought James was a qualified and arrogant t ** t,” says his wife Chloe Madery.

JAMES is a contradiction between walking and talking.

He is very smart and very self-aware in some respects, but he doesn’t seem to know where the boundaries are. But that’s not surprising. His parents were strict when he was growing up, he went to boarding schools for all boys, he joined the bee when he was still at Wellington University. He has been disciplined by his parents, teachers and coaches throughout his life.

But he is also very masculine and immersed in a lazy environment. I think it must have ruined his perception of what is socially acceptable in the grand plan of things. I always tell James: Don’t tell the worst enemies, everyone will laugh and applaud. But for them, it’s perfectly normal.

James is a grown-up man, but if it’s the environment you’ve lived in for the rest of your life, it’s very difficult to suddenly get out of it. Currently he has no parents, teachers or coaches. James needs someone else to keep him in check. That is me.

When I started seeing James, I found it very annoying that all these people thought he was a fool. The daughter of Richard and Judy, who had been around the celebrity all the time, I knew it happened to the celebrity. But if I was a man I loved, I couldn’t get it. People thought James was a qualified and arrogant t ** t.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand why James isn’t tea for some. He is very straightforward and loves the fact that he is in great condition. Whenever I take off my shirt and take a selfie, I rub people the wrong way.

But he gave absolutely everything when it came to rugby, lining up everything in a row and ruining his body year after year. He had integrity as a rugby player and emptied himself every time he went up the pitch. He’s also funny, smart and clear, 80% of the time James thinks he’s dead inside, but he suddenly does something romantic like blowing my socks completely.

It’s not his social media persona, it’s the only thing that matters.

Wife’s “Porn Double Standard”

Like all couples, James and Chloe had ups and downs. They broke up almost early when they learned that Chloe was following a series of porn stars on social media. But he calls it a double standard.

“There is some hypocrisy in relationships,” he says. “Like when Chloe joked about me following a porn star on Instagram.

“Then I looked at her page and it’s all naked men. She said they were big in the fitness industry, and I said mine was big in the porn industry. It doesn’t wash. But you know, we have a lot of fun. “

He says things can get hot in the Haskel family. But usually this involves him yelling at an inanimate or laptop screen.

“I’ve been very angry since I retired from rugby. I recently broke my skybox. I just returned from my dog’s walk, my back hurts, I need to pee, and I’m getting more and more angry.

“I said Skybox works 40 times, but it didn’t work, and it made me angry, so I had to shatter it. I started beating this box with my fist and it changed. Crushed on the floor until dust. “

But he is not an incredible Hulk.

“You’re crazy when you can’t train as much as you need physically, you’re in pain, and the idiot says online and the world is crazy.

“It’s very frustrating to me. Social media is a big catalyst. I think it’s the stupid people who don’t know they’re stupid that upset me. I sometimes forget it.”

Even his wife makes fun of him because he is not trained. “Chloe often strokes me with his belly and calls me fat,” he grimaces.

Acting plan, father’s fear and mischief

However, he is busy with “dream come true” DJs and is looking to acting. He states: I don’t want to be defined in rugby.

“I’ve always joked about being a frustrated actor, because I’m sure if Vinnie Jones and The Rock could do that.”

Currently in his mid-30s, he has another role for James. It’s about becoming a dad.

He categorically insists that Chloe makes an “amazing mom”, but adds that they are not yet fully prepared.

“Do you think I will be a great dad?” He says. Am I making a mistake? Yes, maybe.

“Recently, I’m nervous about getting my kids out into the world. But why don’t you run around saying” Daddy, I love you “and laugh at Christmas? Yeah, I think it’s great. ”

But in the meantime, James and Chloe are happy that they are big children.

Pairs love to play pranks on each other – Chloe has found an ingenious way to scare James around the house.

But he is pretty creative when it comes to regaining himself.

“In the first blockade, I found a smoke grenade and rolled it to the gym while she was exercising,” he smiled.

“The room was full of smoke and she thought everything was burning. I heard a scream and she panicked and came out. She was like,” You’re such an idiot. ” Cheerful and funny. “

Ruck Me: (I’ve Written Another Book) by James Haskell, published by HarperCollins.

James Haskell is here at I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2019


James Haskell is here at I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! 2019Credit: Rex Features
Haskell debuted in England in 2007 and last appeared in 2018


Haskell debuted in England in 2007 and last appeared in 2018Credit: Getty
A new issue of Rugby Legend has been released


A new issue of Rugby Legend has been releasedCredits: HarperCollins
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I’m proud to please Chloe in bed and approach it like a competitive sport, says James Haskel.

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