I’m Frankie Bridge, a celebrity.She says she was given a gorgeous item after begging the producer of an ITV show

Frankie Bridge She managed to get one luxury item I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! After “begging” the camp and producer.

Former Saturdays singer Frankie, 32, opened her time at Glitch Castle in northern Wales after finishing third at a tough ITV challenge show.

While in the castle, some viewers thought Frankie managed to sneak makeup into the camp, even though it was banned.

After leaving the show, Frankie claimed he wasn’t wearing makeup while in the castle, but after begging the producer, he managed to get one luxury item.

Frankie Bridge revealed that he was able to put lip balm in the camp after begging the producer

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Talk to Email online, Frankie said:

“They were so harsh that everyone’s lips hurt so much that I could get lip balm, but we have to beg and say,” Please, can you give me lip balm? ” It didn’t become. “

She also explained that fans wondered if she was able to style her hair at the show.

Frankie, A person who recently shared Parker’s sweet demands with his son Carter while she was in the castle, Revealed: “There was a big thing in my hair, and I hate my hair there so I think it’s really interesting.

Frankie Bridge finished in 3rd place and Simon Gløggson in 2nd place.

Fans were wondering if Frankie did make-up at the camp

“I had very flat and straight hair and it just seemed to pop, but everyone was crazy about thinking I was doing something with it. I really do. It wasn’t.

“I had to wash my hair, so I just dried it. Hairbrushes weren’t allowed. It’s so strict that I check my pockets.”

While in the castle, Frankie became creative with limited resources and managed to get a cosmetology system.

Two mothers Frankie spilled: “But my eyebrows … I put soap on my toothbrush and brushed my eyebrows-that was my trick! Before the castle I got my eyebrows Laminated and tattooed.

Frankie Bridge trimmed his eyebrows with a toothbrush and soap while in the castle

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“I don’t wear makeup on my days off, but I always have eyebrows, so it was the biggest thing I did when I went there.

“My skin had a really terrible day. While I was there, three big spots appeared. But you aren’t eating sugar or caffeine. Every year, looking at the contestants, I think their skin is wonderful. “”

Frankie looked back at his time at the castle and revealed that the experience was unattractive and forced him to wear dirty underwear.

“It was really early and I didn’t have a chance to wash …” she said. “So I turned them over. I had all the layers, and then I said,” Oh, my god Frank, you’re still wearing yesterday’s nicker, you yourself Need to be organized. “

“I was washing because I could only put four pairs of underwear for three weeks, but it doesn’t dry that fast in cold places. I really have to stay on it to make sure I have clean panties. I had to … “.

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I'm Frankie Bridge, a celebrity.She says she was given a gorgeous item after begging the producer of an ITV show

Source link I'm Frankie Bridge, a celebrity.She says she was given a gorgeous item after begging the producer of an ITV show

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