I’m Danny Miller, the celebrity winner.

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here winner Danny Miller, 30, forced to quarantine after fiancé Steph Jones Covid test positive.

It comes when the star wanted to celebrate his victory with Manchester’s close family and friends.

Now considered too dangerous, the welcome home party has been cancelled.

Sources said Sun: “Danny was really looking forward to having a party with his friends after spending time in the castle.

Danny Miller is said to be “stuck” after his welcome home party was cancelled.

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“But he understands that it’s wise and can celebrate whenever things settle down again.

“His good friend Scott Thomas intended to organize Bash, and he wanted Paul from all his castles to join them.”

Despite not being able to enjoy a welcome home party with his closest and loved one, New dad Danny celebrated his victory with his celebrity co-star.

Danny Miller spent a festive night with his family after leaving I'm A Celeb Castle.
Danny Miller, 30, was forced to quarantine after his fiancé Steph Jones tested positive for Covid.

Danny wasn’t shy to confess his “man fell in love” to former soccer player David during the camp. And it seems that their friendship is already outside the walls.

Soap actor Danny and Frenchman David were caught dancing together at the I’m A Celebrity … rap party in Wales.

A footage shot by my celebrity finalist Frankie Bridge recently revealed that she was given a gorgeous item. Danny and David were seen dancing with Abba’s Dancing Queen.

I'm the best of celebrities Danny and David were caught digging a ditch in ABBA's hit track
I’m the best of celebrities Danny and David were caught digging a ditch in ABBA’s hit track

Danny blows off the flowering bond with David after meeting at I'm A Celeb camp
Danny blows off the flowering bond with David after meeting at I’m A Celeb camp

The best of I’m A Celebrity is shimmy, applause and imitation to the hits of the video clip.

Meanwhile, Frankie heard a laugh from behind the camera and watched the pair enter the ditch.

After a fun celebration that Danny admitted to be still “tipsy” the next day, Danny shared the video on his Instagram page.

After Steph got Covid, Danny went to Instagram to talk to his fans.

Sharing the news that his fiancé Steph had captured Covid, the star took him to Instagram to address his fans.

Danny said: Unfortunately she blessed her and caught Covid, and she’s not in the best mood today, so she just fell asleep while Albert was asleep.

He continued: “But yeah, don’t worry about all of us being good, and if you don’t laugh at these things, you’re likely to cry, right?”

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I'm Danny Miller, the celebrity winner.

Source link I'm Danny Miller, the celebrity winner.

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