I’m Danny Miller, a campmate’s “one step ahead” celebrity, with the advice of Emmerdale’s colleagues.

Danny Miller Confess to his former Emmerdale co-star Adam Thomas before him I am a celebrity castle.

30-year-old Danny was announced as part of This year’s lineup, Frankie Bridge, Richard Madeley, music producer Naughty Boy and more.

I’m A Celebrity is an undeniably unique experience, but Danny is fortunate enough to ask his best friend Adam Thomas, 33, after a fellow actor attended the show five years ago. can do.

Danny hurried about how “amazing” Adam was, “I confessed to Adam that I’m in because he’s one of my best friends in the world.”

Adam Thomas gave Danny Miller some tips before I stint at the celebrity castle

I'm A Celebrity confirms the 2021 lineup led by Richard Madeley, Frankie Bridge and Danny Miller.
Danny is in the castle with Frankie Bridge, Richard Madley and more

“I asked him what it would look like, so I feel like I’m one step ahead.

“Obviously he’s in Australia, which is in Wales, but it’s great that he helped calm my nerves,” he continued.

One of Danny’s worries is leaving his one-month-old son Albert behind., He shares with his fiancé Steph Jones, also 30 years old.

Steph will be with the baby for a while, but Danny claimed that he “incredibly supports” his decision that I’m a celebrity.

He states: “Steph and I had a long discussion about joining me as a celebrity. We were planning to start IVF earlier this year, which was scheduled for the baby in March next year. That wouldn’t have been a problem, as it meant that.

Steph and Danny, seen here during a baby shower, were excited to welcome a little Albert.
Danny and his fiancé Steph recently welcomed baby Albert

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“But then a miracle happened and Steph became pregnant (without IVF). When I entered the castle, I knew my baby would be about a month old.

“I was worried about leaving the baby alone with Steph, but she is a midwife and knows that our baby is in perfect hands. She is incredible. Being supportive and knowing a great opportunity for this to participate. “

The pair talked earlier all right! About their surprise that they succeeded in getting pregnant naturally.

Steph describes the moment when he learned that he was pregnant:

The two have known each other since their school days
The pair was overjoyed to be naturally pregnant

“I tried to quiver Danny, but he didn’t answer because he was on the set.”

Danny added: “We were filming the story of a barn explosion. I felt when I saw her call me many times.

“I wondered if she was pregnant or something serious was happening.”

I’m A Celebrity 2021 will begin at ITV and the ITV Hub on Sunday, November 21st at 9pm.

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I'm Danny Miller, a campmate's "one step ahead" celebrity, with the advice of Emmerdale's colleagues.

Source link I'm Danny Miller, a campmate's "one step ahead" celebrity, with the advice of Emmerdale's colleagues.

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