I’m a celebrity star Simon Gløggson’s wife Emma opens into a battle of his devastating anxiety

Simon Gløggson’s His wife, Emma, ​​opened the door to the battle of anxious stars.

The star of Coronation Street who is currently participating in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! According to his wife Emma, ​​he would have “never done” the show 10 years ago.

Emma, ​​38, explained that her husband, Simon, 47, once fought terrible anxiety.

she Mirror Online: “Ten years ago, there was absolutely no way he did it. I’m a celebrity.

Simon Gløggson once fought crippled anxiety

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“So, as he comes in and sees him take on the unknown that was really tense, he actually accepts it and looks so relaxed while he’s doing it. We are very proud of him.

“I had a very moving view. When we first got together, he was so terrible that he couldn’t leave the house or go to a restaurant.

“One day, when I went to stay at a caravan on Anglesey, I thought Simon had a stroke and was dying. His entire face fell and he had to call an ambulance.”

She continued: “He arrived at the hospital and told him they had a panic attack.

Emma said Simon wouldn’t have been in the show 10 years ago

Simon Gløggson is backed by his wife Emma while I participate in being a celebrity.

“Since then he has been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, which has completely changed his life. He was taken medicine and there was a reason he felt that way.

“It changed everything for him, so he could understand what was wrong. Now he talks to a lot of people on social media about it and he likes to help people. “

Simon was incredibly open about the fight against fame-and even the castle said he didn’t enjoy the limelight that accompanies being in Collie.

In a recent scene, Simon revealed to his fellow camp buddies: “It was difficult to adjust for a while. This wasn’t something I planned and I don’t like.

Simon Gløggson admitted not enjoying the fame of his work

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“I hated it. The fame aspect of it I hated it.”

Meanwhile, Emma explained how calming down and starting a family helped Simon deal with it.

She revealed: “When he was 15, he really suffered from fame.

“He didn’t know how to deal with it.

“When I met him, he was drinking badly and he had a violent party. We had a little party, but then I said he wanted a family.

“Being a dad helped him deal with, he doesn’t care a little about what people say, and we don’t go out and socialize as much as we used to.”

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I'm a celebrity star Simon Gløggson's wife Emma opens into a battle of his devastating anxiety

Source link I'm a celebrity star Simon Gløggson's wife Emma opens into a battle of his devastating anxiety

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