I’m a celebrity fan slum’meaning’ ITV show after four’small’ apple pies for 11 campmates

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Fans blamed the “average” show for just giving 11 celebrities four mini-apple pies to win the challenge.

With Louise Minchin David Ginola Before they rolled them from the board to the bucket, they soiled their hands with the daily challenge of seeing them looking for apples with a wooden pen filled with fertilizer and mud.

After several failures, the duo succeeded and visited the Ye Olde Shop to receive the reward apple pie.

When Louise and David opened the platter lid, fans were shocked to see four small individual apple pies.

Celebrities were excited about the “small” apple pie, but fans weren’t so impressed.

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Campmates were happy with the “small” part of the apple pie, but fans weren’t so impressed.

Another added, after blaming the part as “insult” to 11 celebrities trying to succeed in the challenge: They deserve it! “

Avid viewers have labeled the show as a “means” for giving celebrities such a small serving, especially after working hard to win such a small treat in court. They shouted: It makes a little sense, but how does it work? “

A tired fan of fellows chimed, “You are now with your fellows.”

I'm a celebrity fan slum
One fan blamed the show as the “average” of their small pieces

I’m a celebrity viewer and everyone felt as my campmate was excited about the small slices of pie. One pen: “Everyone is rooting for the apple pie #ImACelebrity 0.3636363636364.”

As others wondered, “Surely everyone’s lip question is,” Who had the extra part of the apple pie? 11 campmates and a 12-bit pie. “

One fan even admitted to finishing the entire pack of six apple pies himself when the celebrity seemed to be thrilled with a bite.

They write: “I just ate six Kipling apple pies and I’m excited about one-third of each.”

I'm a celebrity fan slum
Fans couldn’t believe that each campmate was excited about one-third of the apple pie.

Another joke: “Mr. Kipling doesn’t make enough apple pies for his camping buddies.”

When the campmates return to the castle, Ant and Deck reveal that they were all socially isolated and separated from the outside world. Without their phone, internet or TV.

However, it is unclear what the campmates were able to eat and drink during the quarantine period.

One fan asked, “There are four small apple pies in it. Is it okay to have a buffet at home for the past few days?”

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I'm a celebrity fan slum'meaning' ITV show after four'small' apple pies for 11 campmates

Source link I'm a celebrity fan slum'meaning' ITV show after four'small' apple pies for 11 campmates

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